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Central Scotland: George Meikle and Roy Marshall have continued visitation work over the summer, reaching into the villages of Allandale, Castlecary, Dennyloanhead, Haggs, Banknock, and High Bonnybridge. They are presently in the towns of Larbert and Stenhousemuir, helping the small assembly at Larbert. They have been encouraged by contacts made. They continue for a fourth year with the gospel in the village of Carnock in Fife where they have seen some blessing in the past.

Perth: During the summer months the assembly conducted a few extra activities to spread the gospel in their community.  On two successive Sunday evenings, the believers invited contacts to a barbecue and this was followed with a gospel message.  On both Sundays over 120 people came, including many of the Sunday School/Toddlers Group parents. On Tuesday evenings, a community centre was used for gospel meetings, with over 15 local residents attending on one evening. Prayer fellowship is requested that the Lord will continue to bless His work in this part of Scotland.

Tayport: The assembly had a Bible Exhibition in their recently extended and refurbished hall at the beginning of September and it proved to be a very profitable week. Primary school pupils from the area were invited, and in total ten groups visited along with their teachers, all of whom responded enthusiastically to the presentations and the quiz at the end. The believers had worked hard distributing invitation leaflets, and in the evenings a few local people also came into the hall. Continue in prayer for God’s blessing on His Word thus made known to many who otherwise might not hear or get to know.

Morayshire: Ainslie Paterson and Ian Affleck had gospel meetings in the Burghead village hall over three weekends in August. With it being a former fishing village, The Voyage On The Sea Of Life was used as a theme for the meetings, with such subjects as The Storm, The Anchor, The Lifeboat. There was a fair response from folks in the village and the surrounding community. Continue to pray for those who heard the simple gospel preached.

Hebrides: The small assembly in Stornoway on the island of Lewis must be one of the most isolated in the UK, and does not get many visitors. However, in early July, Jonathan Black and Robert O’Neill from Ballymena visited and held gospel meetings for two weeks in the Gospel Hall. Tracts and invitations were distributed by local believers and the visitors, and good contacts were made at the doors. All were greatly encouraged to see the hall well filled with people from the town, up to 48 one evening, with unsaved ones at each meeting. Among them were a few with severe drink problems, sadly rather common in Lewis although it has such a large, staunchly protestant church-going community. Please pray with the local believers that many will yet come to a personal knowledge and assurance of salvation as some continue attending the regular Lord’s Day gospel meetings.

Gospel Tent Work: In June Dan Gillies revisited the village of Inchture, a few miles from Dundee, and had a most encouraging two weeks, with help from Stuart McGahie of the Tayport assembly. Many who attended last year came again and were joined by others for the first time. Between thirty and forty children gathered daily to hear the gospel and to memorise Scripture. The tent then moved to Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, and Aaron Colgan (N Ireland) joined the effort, labouring in fellowship with the Kirkconnel assembly. Last year God worked salvation in a local family, five members of which trusted Christ. More of that family came to the meetings this year and brought others, and yet another family member was saved at the conclusion of the meetings. All this has brought great encouragement and cause for prayer that more blessing will follow. Then in Caol, Fort William, Phil Kennedy and Robert Miller gave some help in the preaching, and God was pleased to save a local man who had dropped out of society and was living rough. He is well known in the area and the change in his life style will be dramatic. Pray that the Lord will preserve him and that he will be supported in the days ahead.

In addition, the assembly in Ballingry had its regular August series of gospel meetings in their large tent. It was two weeks at the usual site at Crosshill then one week at a new location near Scotlandwell by Loch Leven. The preaching was shared by local brethren and Jack Hay, and many unsaved ones came at both places and listened well to the preaching.

Baptisms: It is encouraging to report on baptisms which have taken place in the last few weeks of summer, mostly of young people, many of whom had been at the various summer camps. The total number is not known accurately, but it is well into the teens. So far as we know this blessing has come to assemblies throughout the country from Stromness in Orkney, to Holburn in Aberdeen and Inverurie in the north, Kinross, Kennoway, and Ladybank in Fife, and Kirkmuirhill farther west. The baptismal services have themselves been occasions for testimony to many others as halls have been filled for the occasions. Pray that those who have thus followed the Lord will be preserved and truly blessed and that others also will take this step forward in their Christian lives.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The assembly held their annual week of Children’s Meetings from Monday, 6th to Friday, 10th September.

Ballycastle: Open Air Meetings were held during the Lammas Fair on 30th and 31st August. Large numbers heard the gospel. J Rogers and B Glendinning gave help, assisted by various local brethren.

Ballyclare: Large numbers are attending the meetings to hear J Fleck and S Gilfillan faithfully preach the gospel. There is some definite interest. Prayer would be appreciated.

Ballywatermoy: Meetings are continuing at 1st September. There is good interest and the word is faithfully preached by E Robinson.

Larne (Craigyhill): The Annual Conference concluded on 31st August, having been very well attended. There were profitable Bible Readings with D Gilliland, R McKeown, N Mellish, and J Grant, and challenging ministry from various brethren.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballinaloob: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence early in November with the Gospel Hall. D Mcgarvey and T Wallace are to be responsible.

Ballymoney: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in the Town Hall (kindly granted) on 3rd October. R McKeown and T Meekin will be responsible. Prayer and interest would be appreciated.

Buckna: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in the Gospel Hall on Lord’s Day, 7th November. Elton Fairfield (Japan) and T Wright (Brazil) are to be responsible.


Clones: There was a full hall and good ministry. The speakers were B Currie, D Gilliland, S McBride, W J Nesbitt, R McKeown, and S Nelson.

Newtownhamilton Gospel hall: Gospel Meetings are continuing into a second week. Speakers: S McBride and T Wright.


Annalong Gospel Hall: Mr N Mellish (England) had a profitable week of ministry meetings from 26th-30th July on "The Seven Dispensations of Scripture". Good numbers attended nightly, and there was a blessing to those who were present.

Ballykeel Gospel Hall (Mourne): The assembly had the privilege of a report meeting by our esteemed brother Mr John Meekin (Nova Scotia). A very large number attended, with representatives from various assemblies throughout the province. The meeting was very profitable and encouraging.

The assembly at Cardy held their Children’s Gospel Outreach in Strangford College, Carrowdore during the last week in July. The speaker was B Martin. There were up to 400 children present on some evenings with 200 parents attending on the final night.

Newry: Open air meetings were held around the city during the last week in August with J Rogers helped by local brethren.


Currien Gospel Hall: D McGarvey, assisted by other brethren, continues in the gospel in this rural area several miles from Enniskillen. Though numbers attending are small, our brother has visited widely, and has been encouraged to see some local people under the sound of the gospel.

Drumlone: G Woods and S Nelson continue in the gospel near Lisnaskea in Co. Fermanagh. Pray that the faithful preaching of the Word will result in souls being won for Christ.

Enniskillen: The local assembly was encouraged by the visit of R Pickering for a week of open air gospel meetings at the end of July. The saints visited two estates each afternoon with literature, before the gospel was presented there in the evening.


Fintona: The Annual Conference was held on 11th August. A large company of believers heard ministry delivered by A Davidson, B Smith, B Currie, J Palmer, and A Wilson.

Kilmore: The Annual Conference was held on 28th July. A well filled hall heard practical ministry by S McBride, W J Nesbitt, D Gilliland, R McKeown, and B Glendinning.

Those who were present were saddened to learn of the death of Mr Fred Thompson who was in the assembly for a lifetime and passed away suddenly a few days before the conference.

Killycurragh: Gospel Meetings commenced on Lord’s Day, 12th September at 4.00pm and continued from Monday to Friday at 8.00pm in a portable hall on the motorcycle paddock, Orritor Road, Cookstown. Speakers: J Rogers and D McGarvey.


Drumenagh: D Gilliland and J McClelland are in their fifth week of tent meetings on the outskirts of Ballyronan village (end of August). The meetings are being very well attended by saved and unsaved alike. A gentleman of 82 years old was saved during the first week and a young married man has been saved during the 5th week. For one week L Craig is also having children’s meetings prior to the commencement of each gospel meeting.

Garvagh: Bobby Eadie, at the invitation of the Killykergan assembly, brought his exhibition to the town. The exhibition centres on the theme of the "Past, Present and Future of our World"; he was assisted in the daily talks by S Maze. There were large scale models of the Tabernacle, Noah’s Ark, and Ezekiel’s millennial Temple, plus 66 display panels. Over 200 people attended, including some from the town and surrounding area.

Gortade: W Fenton and M Campbell are to commence gospel meetings on 5th September. Prayer would be appreciated. A Caldwell had one week of very well attended children’s meetings.


Ebenezer Gospel Hall: Oldpark Road Belfast, held gospel meetings in a Portable Hall at Hillview Retail Park, Crumlin Road during the month of August. The speakers were David and Andrew Williamson. Unsaved were present every night, with a number of people hearing the gospel for the first time. The meetings were well supported by other assemblies. Help from the Lord was experienced. Please pray for the seed sown.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballyduff Gospel Hall: R Pickering is expected for three or four nights of ministry commencing on 18th October at 8.00pm.

Glenburn Gospel Hall: B Currie is expected for meetings on Lord’s Day, 17th October. Gospel at 7.00pm. Mr Currie continues in ministry from 18th - 22nd at 8.00pm.

Laganvale Gospel Hall: D McGarvey is expected for two weeks’ of gospel meetings with testimonies each evening, commencing on Lord’s Day, 24th October.

Windsor Gospel Hall: S Jennings is expected for ministry on the "Feasts of Jehovah" from 18th - 22nd October at 8.00pm.


Bicester: Tent meetings were held for four weeks in August in a school playing-field in Bicester with Frank Sona and Marvin Derksen. Over seventy unsaved people attended and one young girl professed to be saved. Children’s meetings, conducted by local brethren, were held in the mornings of the first week, and some new contacts were made.

Hartlepool Tall Ships Outreach: Alan Barber reports on a tiring but well-worth five days at this high profile event. 25,000 cotton bags with John 3.16 written on them were given out, with a gospel, a tract, and a text inside. Many took time to read the verse on the bags, the ships were visited and bags given to the crews, as well as Ultimate Questions booklets in German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and French. The banner on display brought two visitors to the gospel meeting. Many people had the official guide to the event and inside was a half page display of John 3.16. A good team of believers helped, and all were thrilled at the opportunities given. Many Christians encouraged us as they passed by, while many conversations were held and good contacts made with stall holders. Reply cards have been received from some local people and others further afield with requests for Bibles and other literature. We do appreciate all the support and prayers of the Lord’s people in this outreach event.


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