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Poetry: The Lord Thy God Careth

D Campbell

Another year is dawning,
A path unknown, untried.
’Twould fill me with foreboding,
Had I no hand to guide;
But He who walked beside me
All through the yesteryear,
Whatever may betide me,
Has promised to be near.

Another year to love Him,
Whom I have loved so long;
Another year to praise Him
In glad triumphant song.
Whate’er the future holdeth
Of sorrow, toil, or pain,
His precious love endureth
Forever more the same.

Another year of waiting,
The longed for Rapture call?
Another year expecting
His own to go, yes all?
The prospect shining brighter
Tho’ clouds may shroud our sky;
Before the year is over
We may be all on high.


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