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Stephen Baker has been with the Lossiemouth assembly to visit schools for a third year. Each year his visit is well appreciated by staff and young folks alike. A local sister works hard to organise everything and this is much valued. He was mainly in the High School speaking to teenagers this time, a job not for the faint hearted, but he coped well. The Head of Religious Education not only expressed his appreciation but hoped that Stephen would visit again next year. Our prayer is that such work will prove fruitful in souls being saved and added to the local assembly. He also visited Forres and Cullen for a report and ministry in the evenings, to the encouragement of all who attended.

Stephen Grant was preaching in Gardenstown from 17th-28th October. The believers enjoyed the meetings and were encouraged by the faithfulness of the preaching of the gospel. There was support from some nearby assemblies, but more from other local Christians. A few came every night, enjoyed the fellowship and the preaching, and it was a good testimony for the assembly in the village. Sad to say, however, the apathy of our times meant that very few unsaved folks took the opportunity to hear the gospel, but some of the saints’ families attended. We leave this matter with the Lord.

Jack Hay was with the assembly at Peterhead for three weeks of gospel meetings in November. The meetings were well attended in spite of inclement weather most evenings. Some unsaved folks were present nearly every night, some coming regularly throughout the three weeks. The gospel was preached plainly and powerfully, presenting Christ as Saviour and the need to accept Him as Lord. Although there were no known confessions of faith, the voice of God was heard and some have continued to attend the meetings. The assembly was encouraged with our brother’s visit - the eternal results are in the Lord’s hands.

At the end of November, Alastair Young again visited almost 20 schools in and around Cowdenbeath with the gospel, in spite of some disruption to the programme due to unprecedented snowfalls in the area. He is well received by the schools, taking a few classes in each in what is a busy fortnight. This work has been ongoing annually for over 20 years now, arranged by the Cowdenbeath assembly in November, and by the Blairhall assembly in February. Such sustained work has brought the gospel to thousands of young people in west Fife, and all involved continue to pray that such Good Seed sown will bring forth much fruit.



Ballinaloob: Gospel Meetings continue as at 1st December with D McGarvey and T Wallace. Numbers are good, and some from the district are attending. There is liberty in the proclamation of the gospel. The believers are encouraged by blessing.

Ballymoney: Ministry Meetings were held from 29th November to 3rd December with J Grant.

Ballywatermoy: Report and Ministry Meetings were expected with R Revie from 29th November to 2nd December on James 1 and 2. (Unfortunately these meetings were cancelled due to weather conditions.)

Buckna: Gospel Meetings are continuing as at 1st December. Elton Fairfield (Japan) and T Wright (Brazil) are proclaiming the gospel faithfully. Numbers are very good with some locals attending.

Bushmills/Dervock: Gospel Meetings in Dervock Hall (kindly granted) concluded on 3rd December. Good numbers and interest were evident. W Fenton and M McKillen were responsible.

Clough: The Annual Conference was held on 13th November. Helpful ministry was given by S McBride, J G Hutchinson, J Fleck, E Fairfield, T McNeill, W Martin, and B Glendinning.

"If the Lord will..."

Kells: There is an exercise to commence Gospel Meetings on the Tully site, Larne Road in a portable hall on Lord’s Day, 9th January at 7.30pm and continuing on weeknights at 8.00pm. Speakers expected: J Rogers and S Wells. Fellowship, prayer and interest would be appreciated.


Drumacanver Gospel Hall: H Milligan and M Campbell are in their 3rd week of Gospel Meetings at mid November. The assembly has been greatly encouraged by seeing the Lord’s hand in salvation early in the meetings with new families coming for the first time, and some are showing a definite interest in salvation. The surrounding assemblies are giving good support. Pray for continued blessing.

Monaghan Gospel Hall: On Saturday 27th November the believers in the assembly hired a room in a local hotel for ministry meetings. Over 200 attended from all over the country. It has been a great encouragement to this small assembly. R McKeown and D Gilliland were the speakers.

Mullingar (Co W Meath): J Rogers had a short spell in the gospel in this part of Ireland that is not so privileged with gospel preaching.

"If the Lord will..."

Armagh Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on 30th January with J Allen and J Fleck.


Cardy Gospel Hall: The assembly was encouraged by blessing and good attendance at gospel meetings with M Radcliffe and J Procoppio.

Dromore Gospel Hall: J Martin and W Martin were encouraged when a man professed salvation on the final night of their meetings near Dromore.

Killyleagh: L Craig held a week of children’s meetings in November with a very good number of children in attendance. A few parents came on the final night. The assembly is encouraged with the contacts made with young and old, and with the recently given permission to visit the local primary school to teach in assembly.

Mullaghfernaghan: T Topley and S Barr saw blessing in their meetings at Ashfield.

"If the Lord will..."

Banbridge Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on 16th January with M Radcliffe and D Gilliland and will continue for a number of weeks. Interest and prayer appreciated.


Enniskillen: The assembly in Enniskillen enjoyed a week of Christ exalting ministry by P Coulson (Scotland). The wholehearted support of neighbouring assemblies was greatly appreciated.


Coleraine: R McKeown gave one week of helpful teaching on "Lessons from the Life of Joseph".

Limavady: J Grant was present for one week of practical and helpful teaching on "Training for Godliness from Timothy’s Epistles".


Donemana Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 14th November. Speakers were B Glendinning and N Coulter. The area was well visited and a number from the village attended the meetings.

Lungs: During the first week in November, evangelist J Allen gave a week’s ministry on "Prophetic Subjects".

Omagh: The Annual Conference was held on 6th November. A well-filled hall enjoyed ministry by W J Nesbitt, M Radcliffe, B Gleninning, A Davidson, J Hutchinson, and T McNeill. Afterwards there was a missionary report by A Davidson on his visit to India, and D McAllister spoke on mission work in Zambia.


Cloughfern Gospel Hall: Brethren David Williamson (Ebenezer) and Tim Reid (Bloomfield) have been preaching the gospel in the Monkstown Community Centre and the meetings continued until 26th November. Some locals have attended from the surrounding area which is encouraging. Door to door work has been enjoyable with some great conversations. There has been good support from local Christians. Please pray that the seed sown will bring forth fruit.

Dunmurry Gospel Hall: The recent Gospel Meetings with brethren John Fleck and John Rogers have been most encouraging with large numbers attending, including quite a few from the locality. God has blessed in salvation for which we are thankful. Prayer valued for further blessing on the seed sown.

Whitehouse: Ministry Meetings were held from 21st-24th November with J Baker. Very helpful ministry was given from Hebrews.

Matchett Street, Belfast: A week of Bible teaching on the Gospel of John was held with L Craig. Brother Craig returned to the assembly for two further weeks of gospel meetings dealing with prophetic events. While the numbers were small, it was encouraging to see a good interest among some believers who are not in assembly fellowship.


Peter Brandon was with the believers at Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent, in October for a few meetings. The attendance was encouraging, including quite a number who had been contacted and transported by local believers. The gospel was faithfully and powerfully preached and there was a genuine sense of the work of the Spirit of God in the lives of a number who attended. Please pray for fruit in the salvation of souls.

At Kirkby-in-Ashfield a further week of gospel activity was held during October. Stephen Baker was the evangelist, with support from the local believers. A week of fine weather enabled the gospel to be preached in the town centre precinct every day, and over 2,500 tracts were distributed around the doors. A number of new contacts were made and there was a pleasing response to the Senior Citizens’ Tea. However, no one from the town attended the meeting in the hall, although there was good support from neighbouring assemblies. On the Saturday some young people from the local assemblies supported the outreach in the town as a further witness was borne in the gospel. Previous opposition was not met with on this occasion perhaps because of the larger numbers present. Prayer would be valued as this small company of nine believers explores other ways of getting the gospel into the town, including the use of a market stall with free literature available.

The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was at the Gospel Hall, Winshill, Burton on Trent for two weeks in early November. A number of schools were invited and the exhibition was moved into other schools to enable children from a range of classes to visit. Robert Gibson was assisted by believers from the assembly in taking groups of youngsters around and, although there was a surprising degree of ignorance about the Bible, it was encouraging to see so many children exposed to the Word of God and taking gospel material away with them. The exhibition was open during one evening and a few people from the village attended.

Wesley and Alison Downs are involved in extensive outreach work at Wythenshawe, Manchester. They established "The Mill" in 2005 in response to the needs of young men coming from difficult backgrounds due to addiction, prison, homelessness, no education, and long term unemployment. It is open five days a week, and is a compassionate way of responding to their great practical and spiritual needs. The Word of God is taught, and some practical skills to help establish normal lifestyles and provide work experience, including running a charity shop. Over the years many have been helped, some professing faith in Christ. Accommodation is provided for those who need it in a separate area in their home, such as those trusting Christ from prison and addictive backgrounds who need a fresh start, or those just needing a break. The "Manchester City Drop-in Centre" is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, mostly providing practical and spiritual help to homeless and deprived people. The gospel is preached each time it is open.

Wesley is regularly preaching the gospel in the locality and Alison is involved with the Drop-in Centre and at the Gospel Hall in the Sunday School and at a Mother and Toddler Group along with other believers from the assembly. Many good contacts are made with neighbours in this way.

Their aim is to be self funding at "The Mill" by the sale of donated items including furniture, computers, laptops, appliances, clothes and mobile phones. They would be grateful to receive any smaller items such as computers, laptops and mobile phones which would be easier to send. Their address is 39 Kennerley Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 6EU, Tel 01614561276.

North East

The Tyneside monthly Bible reading and Ministry for the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 recommenced on 2nd October.

The Scriptures to be considered in the series are chapters Matthew 26 and 27 dealing with events leading to the cross and the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mr West of Leicester opened the series when there was excellent interest and ready participation by many of the brethren. In the evening Mr West, taking up Scriptures in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Acts, Romans, Galatians and Philippians, expounded truths in relation to the believer and the Gospel. The ministry was of the highest quality.

On Wearside, the Annual Conference was held on 9th October with Mr John Stubbs from Mayfield and Mr Stephen Arbuthnot from Glasgow. In the afternoon Mr Stubbs gave ministry on Psalm 27 and in the evening an overview of the Servant Songs in the prophecy of Isaiah. Mr Arbuthnot in the afternoon took up Scriptures in 2 Samuel 11 and 12 and Psalm 32 dealing with David’s sins, God and sin and David’s recovery. In the evening having read in Matthew, the Acts and 1 Corinthians he gave excellent exposition of the Breaking of Bread. The conference was well attended and the ministry was appreciated by all. During the following week Monday to Thursday Mr Stubbs gave profound and devotional ministry on the Servant Songs in Isaiah. The meetings were supported by other assemblies and believers who do not ordinarily gather with the assemblies. Times of rich blessing were enjoyed.

The North-East Missionary Weekend took place on 17th to 20th September with Enri Nase who gave reports on the Lord’s work in Albania, Nitish Patel of the Lord’s work in London and India, and Gary Woods with reports of the Lord’s work in the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. The reports were stirring and informative and gave much food for thanksgiving and prayers.

On 11th September the Harton assembly held its Annual Conference with John Campbell and John Coltman. In the afternoon Mr Campbell gave ministry on the danger of losing sight of the Enthroned Christ and in the evening on the danger of losing concern for the lost. Mr Coltman ministered in the afternoon on fowls of the air and in the evening on the need of directing gaze to Christ, of the Scriptures, of the disciple to follow, of the importance of finishing, and of the Coming of the Lord Jesus. Mr Campbell was with the assembly at Harton and gave ministry on the evenings of Lord’s Day and Monday to Wednesday. The ministry both at the conference and on the ensuing evenings was to great profit and times of blessing were enjoyed by the saints.

The assembly at Pallion held a Holiday Bible Club during the October school break. After a slow start (only 7 children attended on the Monday) the believers were very encouraged when 26-27 children were present for the remainder of the week and showed good interest in all the activities centred around Jonah.


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