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Mrs M E Davidson, aged 86. Saved when she was 13, she was soon after in the Ardmore assembly where her spiritual interest was evident to all, teaching a class in the Sunday School and showing to friends and neighbours that she belonged to Christ. After her marriage she went to live in Cardy. The assembly there was very small and struggling, but she and her husband prayed and worked tirelessly. It pleased God to work and now there are over 60 in fellowship. Her very large funeral was from the Cardy hall. She was a kind and affectionate lady, who was loved by the family and neighbours. She had the joy of seeing her family and grandchildren saved and living with real interest in the things of God. At the funeral service J G Hutchinson, Mr Radcliffe and her grandson gave words of comfort, gospel and challenge. Mr Procopio, J Rogers, W Emerson, N Emerson, P Davidson shared in tributes, hymns, and prayer. She will be greatly missed. We could well say, "Whose faith follow".

Mr Jack Drane, aged 97, called home on 14th October after a short spell in hospital in Coventry. Born and raised in Hartlepool, Jack was saved as a youth, and following baptism entered fellowship in the local assembly there, where he served his Lord in various capacities including Sunday School Superintendent. Given to hospitality, Jack and his wife Marjorie opened their home to many, including receiving visiting speakers. In the early 1980s they moved to the Midlands and were received into fellowship at Chester Street, Rugby where together they served the Lord in many various ways until their homecall. Jack particularly loved outreach work and was greatly involved with the Christian bookstall at the local market, children’s meetings, coffee morning services, and neighbourhood tea services amongst others. A humble, unassuming man with a great sense of humour, Jack was loved by all who knew him. A respected elder, he had a great care for the assembly, and his wise counsel on many difficult issues was always valued. He was always cheerful and kind to all and bore a consistent witness to his Saviour.

Mr James Alfred (Alfie) Hall, aged 74, was called home on 25th October, after a short illness. He was saved on 22nd August, 1969, at meetings held by the late Mr W J Wells and W J Nesbitt in a rented Community Hall in Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh. Soon thereafter he was received into the Clones assembly where his varied spiritual exercises were consistent with his desire to maintain Scriptural principles. He married Miss Martha Clisdell in 1978 and had the joy of seeing their son and two daughters saved, with James and Martha in assembly fellowship and Sarah recently saved. Marked by grace and godliness, his contribution to gospel testimony and children’s meetings at the outreach Drumlone Gospel Hall in Newtownbutler area was invaluable. He made an annual very large circulation of Scripture calendars with a gospel tract over a wide area, and also helped W J Nesbitt and others in door to door visitation in towns, villages, and rural areas during gospel series. His large funeral services were conducted by brethren M Emerson, W J Nesbitt, and B Glendinning in Clones Gospel Hall, with G Woods and S Nelson at the Cemetery.

Mr John (Jack) Hogg, aged 77, was called home on 16th October. He was saved in 1966 and received into the assembly at Harryville, proving to be a spiritual asset to the testimony. Moving with a quiet dignity and manifest devotion to his Lord among the saints, he earned their respect and affection. A true lover of the gospel which had led to a remarkable change in his own life, he had the joy of seeing his three children saved and in assembly fellowship. The saints feel the loss but treasure the memories. Prayer is valued for his widow Margaret, the family, and some grandchildren who are not yet saved. A full hall and large company at the graveside gave witness to the faithfulness of his life and testimony in the community. The service was conducted by J Rogers and M McKillen with local brethren sharing in prayer.

Mr John McCallan, aged 68, on 7th September. Our brother was saved in his mid-twenties while attending meetings conducted by Mr Jim Martin. He was received into the assembly at Sion Mills, County Tyrone, where he remained until his homecall, and was a valued elder and man of wise counsel. John experienced failing health for the past year, and received news of his terminal illness with calmness and dignity. The respect in which he was held was clearly evidenced by the large number at his funeral. Mr D Gilliland spoke in Newtownstewart Gospel Hall assisted by S Gilfillan and S McBride. G Woods spoke at the graveside assisted by S Gilfillan. Remember in prayer his wife Jean, daughter Eunice, sons Robert and Graeme, and the wider family circle.

Miss Gretta McClay, aged 78, went to be with Christ on 14th October. She and her brother Tommy were saved at gospel meetings held by Mr W P W McVey in the old hall at Carrick, Laghey, in 1950. She was baptised shortly afterwards and received into the assembly in Laghey where she gave herself to help forward the work of the Lord. She was consistent in every aspect of assembly life, and showed much kindness and hospitality to the Lord’s people, even until the time of her homecall. She will be greatly missed, both on her own account, and also as she was the last member of the McClay family, which has a long association with the assembly. The very large company of local people and believers from many parts of Ireland who gathered for her funeral showed the high esteem in which she was held. Mr T W Wright spoke at the service in the hall and Mr W J Nesbitt at the grave, both bringing the message of the gospel which was dear to Gretta.

Miss Betty McClements, Craigavad, aged 63, was called home on 16th October. Betty was saved on 25th August, 1962 and lived to prove the reality of her conversion. Despite many illnesses, she was a most pleasant and helpful sister who was a great supporter of the gospel. Some of her last words to her father expressed her desire to be with Christ: she said, "Daddy, I want to go home". Please remember her father, two sisters (one being Betty’s twin), and their respective spouses in prayer. The large gathering was addressed by J Rodgers and B Currie, with G Dennison, D Bickerstaff, and T Armstrong assisting.

Mrs Jeannie McNeill, aged 90, called home on 1st September. She was saved as a girl of 19 at cottage meetings in her locality conducted by the late Mr J Stewart and Mr T Wallace. She was baptised and received into fellowship at Galdnagh, then was for a short time in Buckna, but spent most of her life in Ballyvaddy assembly where she attended faithfully and remained steadfast until her homecall. She had a keen interest in the gospel and had the joy of seeing her large family of 11 all saved and in assembly fellowship, her husband John having predeceased her in 1986, and her son Tommy in 2002. She was much given to hospitality and loved to entertain the saints. The funeral service was conducted by Mr Leslie Ballantine and Mr Tom Meekin assisted by Mr Matthew McKillen and Mr William McClure. A tribute was given by Mr David Davidson. She will be greatly missed by all.

Miss Christina (Chrissie) Paterson passed away on 30th October, in her 92nd year, after a short illness. Saved at the age of 17, and baptised 3 months later, she was received into fellowship with the saints gathered at Hebron Hall, Airdrie. In 1943 she left to do nurse training in Bradford, Wales, and Galashiels, and then moved to Millport as a triple duty nurse. After her father’s death in 1966 she returned to Airdrie to care for her mother. Chrissie had a long connection with the saints in St Monans through caravanning. At the funeral the hall was filled with family and friends, and the service was conducted by T McCormick and I Currie. J Thomson prayed at the graveside. Chrissie was a faithful sister who loved God’s people and her extended family. She will be sadly missed at the small assembly. Prayer is requested for her family, especially Carolyn (grandniece) who faithfully attended her.

Mr Thomas James Rainey (Tom), aged 90. Our brother was called home to be with the Lord on 12th October. Tom was born near Maghera and saved at the age of 22 in his first gospel meeting. He was baptised in the month of November and received into fellowship in Lisachrin Gospel Hall. He was very faithful in all assembly matters and was only ever absent due to ill-health. Tom and his wife Sadie showed hospitality to all the saints and the Lord’s servants. The funeral services were conducted by W J Nesbit and J Martin. W Martin and C McIntosh shared in prayer. Prayer is valued for Sadie and family circle.

Mr Peter Stangoe, aged 94, was called home on 11th October. Peter was saved at 14 years of age in the Lanarkshire village of Calderbank. After being baptised and received into fellowship, he was involved with all assembly activities there. He later moved to the village of Holytown. In the assembly there he became the Sunday School superintendent and the precentor. During the last 10 years he was resident at Auchlochan and enjoyed the fellowship of the saints in the Lesmahagow assembly. He will be missed for his bright personality and lovely smile.


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