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Mayfield, Lothians: During the mid-term school holiday break the assembly in Mayfield made a special effort to reach local children from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th February. Each morning, from 10.00am to 12.00 noon, Graeme Paterson from Plains very ably kept the attention of the children while presenting the gospel to them, then refreshments and a time for crafts followed. The Parents’ Night and Prizegiving was on Friday evening, and it was a great encouragement to have more parents and relatives attending than ever before. Pray that this effort will bear fruit in the salvation of those that heard the Word of God.

Easter Opportunities: Many assemblies throughout the UK (and of course abroad) will take advantage of Eastertime to try to draw attention to the gospel. This great message centres upon our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection (1 Cor 15.1-4) and we do well to remind ourselves and others of its cardinal importance – at all times, but more opportunely when society around us has at least some resonance with it. Commercially and secularly it is being hijacked, "religious" symbolisms are being replaced by other popular icons even on Easter cards, and for most it is just a holiday weekend and a break from routine. But believers can attempt to redress the balance. Many Gospel Hall display boards will show posters with relevant texts, many believers will distribute thousands of the excellent Easter tracts which are now available, perhaps along with an invitation to an Easter service at the Hall, and Holiday Clubs for children will be held in various places with an obvious Easter theme. Pray that the Lord will bless these and other ways of reaching out to our communities with the life giving message of "Christ and Him crucified", "yea that is risen again"!



Ahoghill: The assembly held two weeks of Gospel Meetings from 6th-18th February. Brother Ian Jackson preached the gospel each evening asking Vital Questions which were answered from the Word of God. Very good numbers attended each night and listened attentively to the clear presentation of the gospel. We look to the Lord for blessing upon His Word preached. The assembly has been refreshed as a result of the meetings.

Ballymena (Harryville): Special Gospel Meetings have commenced in connection with the assembly on 6th March and continue in a large portable hall at "Moore’s Concrete" premises and car park at Woodside Road, Ballymena (site kindly granted). The meetings are held on Sundays at 6.30pm and Monday-Friday at 8.00pm. Speakers: J Rogers and L Craig. Interest in prayer and attendance would be appreciated.

Ballybollan/Clonkeen/Crosskeys: These three assemblies have combined for a special series of Gospel Meetings (DV) in a portable hall at Gault’s Filling Station, Largy Road (site kindly granted) on March 27th and continuing. Speakers: N Fleck and T Wright. Prayer and interest would be valued.

Clough: Gospel Meetings have commenced on 6th March and continue with G Woods and R Reynolds. Pray for blessing.

Kells: Gospel Meetings at the Tully site, Larne Road in a portable hall concluded on 2nd March in the eighth week. The whole area was very well visited and large numbers attended with many local people coming and loved ones of the Lord’s people present. Support was excellent from local assemblies and God blessed in the salvation of souls. Speakers: S Wells and J Rogers.

Kingsmoss: The Conference was held on 19th February. Very challenging and practical ministry was much enjoyed from D Gilliland, R McKeown, S Jennings and M Radcliffe.

Larne (Craigyhill): M Radcliffe had Ministry Meetings early in March on the subject of "The Tabernacle".

"If the Lord will..."

Ballywatermoy: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence early in May (DV) in a portable hall in Cullybackey with W Martin and D McGarvey.


Armagh Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings continue into the fifth week with J Fleck and M Turkington. Local Christians are attending well and bringing their families, and a number of strangers from around the city are also coming.


Ballymacashan: P McCauley and L Craig have concluded five weeks of Gospel Meetings with this assembly. There was very good interest and prayer is requested for the salvation of the many who attended. As far as we know, quite a few heard the gospel preached for the first time.

Banbridge Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe and D Gilliland are continuing with Gospel Meetings. They have been very well attended with one person professing to be saved.

Bangor (Central Hall): J Grant had encouraging and much appreciated ministry from 12th-17th February with good interest. Subject: "Highlights in Hebrews".

Cardy: Ministry Meetings were held from 19th-24th February with J Grant. There was a very good interest. Subject: "Outline of Genesis".

Craigavad: A good number attended a week of teaching in the hall. L Craig spoke on "Basic word studies for young believers".


Ardstraw Gospel Hall: The series of Gospel Meetings conducted by D McGarvey and G Woods finished on 18th February. A number of the locals attended well and several souls professed faith in Christ. The surrounding assemblies all gave excellent support.

Clogher: (in association with Lungs assembly). Gospel Meetings commenced in a portable hall on 27th February. Speakers: B Glendinning and N Coulter. Prayer requested.

Kilmore: D Gilliland and D McAllister are expected for Gospel Meetings commencing on 6th March.

Newmills: R Eadie and S Maze are continuing their series of Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall. It has proved difficult to get the locals to attend. However, the Bible Exhibition which preceded the meetings was very popular with the local people.

Omagh Gospel Hall: G Woods had a well attended series of Ministry Meetings during the last week in February.


Killykergan: A Nesbitt (Dromore) and A Steele (Ballymena) are expected for Gospel Meetings commencing on 10th April (DV).


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