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Holiday Clubs

The assembly at Elim Hall, Kilmarnock, had Gordon McCracken for a week in July, with 50 to 60 children and some parents each morning, as well as a good number at the prizegiving on Friday evening. The assembly was also encouraged to see another two believers being baptised on the first Lord's Day in August.

Similar Holiday Clubs which reached many more children were also held in July and early August in other locations including Eastpark, Glasgow; Abbot Hall, Dunfermline; Ladybank; and Lochee, Dundee. At St Monans they had 30 children and many local parents into the Hall. Neil Smith conducted the meetings and led the activities for the week which was also an effective testimony, well publicised in the village and well reported in the local weekly newspaper.


Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter had two weeks' gospel meetings at the end of June with this assembly which has only four in fellowship. During the first week about 2,000 invitations were given out, the second week concentrated more on door to door visitation, a task which they found harder than usual. Up to 20 unsaved people came to the meetings plus several interested believers from churches in the town. David Dunn from Castle Douglas was a great help in leaflet distribution, and the few surrounding assemblies gave valued support. Stranraer assembly has refurbished their premises, and on the first Sunday after the meetings there were 17 in the Hall. Please pray for them, as they purpose to continue the testimony as strength allows after not having had a Sunday Gospel meeting for 5 years.


Prayer for the work in the soup kitchen is appreciated by Michael Cordiner and the team. These last few weeks have been quite draining for the volunteers as so many are in so much need and want to talk. A fight broke out recently but fortunately was broken up and calm restored. Pray for A who trusted the Lord and went on well for a time but is back using drugs again; also for J and P who are unsure what to believe and struggle with their mental health. Pray for A who struggles with depression and is harming himself, crying out for help but doesn't feel the health teams are making a difference. He has been praying and reading his Bible - pray he will find peace and acceptance.


The assembly was greatly encouraged by the baptisms of two young men, aged 14 and 15. This took place in Cullen harbour at the beginning of August. A large company gathered on a beautiful summer evening including many who are not yet believers. Graeme Paterson spoke on baptism taking Acts 2.41 as his text with a clear gospel emphasis under three headings - their Faith, their Following and their Future. Pray for these lads, one of whom was subsequently added to the assembly, that they may be enabled to live out this very public confession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

"If the Lord will…"

Prayer would be appreciated for a two weeks' gospel series in the Cullen assembly with Jack Hay, due to commence on the 20th October, Lord willing. A public hall has been booked for this in the neighbouring village of Portknockie, where a number of the local believers live.



Ballybollan Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings are continuing with M Radcliffe and R McKeown. Excellent numbers and help to preach. The prayer is for blessing.

Bushmills: The Annual Bible Readings in the assembly hall of the local school (kindly granted) with R McKeown helped by visiting and local brethren were exceptionally well attended, particularly with younger people. 2 Timothy chapters 1 & 2 were considered and the teaching was very practical and helpful.

Carnlough: P McMullan had a week of children's meetings during the second week of August. The Open Air Meetings at the harbour were encouraging.

Kells Gospel Hall: The assembly, helped by J Rogers, visited 1,100 homes with Scripture booklets and tracts during a week of open air meetings in the last week in July in several estates. The saints were greatly encouraged during this time.

Portrush Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had a week of excellent ministry meetings on "Major Battles of the Bible". The Hall was packed to capacity every night and the Lord gave help in challenging ministry that was educational, prophetic and exceedingly practical.

Portrush: In association with the Bushmills Bible Readings, open airs were held every morning at the Amphitheatre in Portrush.

"If the Lord will…"

Bushmills: It is expected to commence gospel meetings early January 2014 with S Gilfillan and A Caldwell.

Bushmills: Preliminary Announcement - It is proposed to commence the Annual Bible Readings on Monday, 4th July, 2014 concluding on Friday, 18th (DV).

Dundessert Gospel Hall: D McGarvey is expected early in September for gospel meetings. Prayer valued and appreciated for this needy area.


Dunmullan: A well filled tent erected near the Gospel Hall was the venue for the annual "12th of July" Conference. On a hot sunny day, believers heard helpful ministry by J Riddle, R Thompson, D Ussher, D Gilliland, A Colgan and G Woods.

Kingsmills Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held in two sessions on 12th July. In the first session, helpful ministry was given by R Pickering, W Boyd, T Wright and D McGarvey. The second session heard appreciated ministry from S Jennings, M Cain, L Craig and F McCauley.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference in the well filled Hall took place on 31st July. Speakers were S McBride, R McKeown, S Wells, J Fleck, T McNeill and G Woods.

Martray: In connection with Martray Gospel Hall, meetings commenced on 11th August in a portable hall at the Ballygawley roundabout. Speakers: N Fleck and S Nelson. Prayer requested for a needy area.

Sion Mills: The Annual Conference was held on the last Saturday in June. Speakers: B Martin, D Gilliland, S Patterson and R McKeown. Mr Martin continued in ministry from 1st-4th July.


"If the Lord will…"

Bloomfield Gospel Hall: It is intended (DV) to have Gospel Meetings in a portable hall at Dixon Park with P McCauley and David Williamson responsible. The assembly longs to see many reached with the gospel. Prayer would be much appreciated for blessing, and the preservation of the hall.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: The assembly has been encouraged by the baptism of three young believers and the reception of two of these into assembly fellowship in recent times. We also enjoyed the visit of brother Timothy Hair (Ballyclare) for a week of special children's meetings in Eden Gospel Hall. It was encouraging to see the hall well filled with excellent attention and clear presentation of the gospel message nightly. Prayer valued for this needy village in which there has been a gospel testimony for many years, linked with the Sandringham Assembly.


Bellaghy: M Cain (Nova Scotia) and L Craig (Magherafelt) are in their fourth week of tent meetings (beginning of August) in the Hillhead district of Castledawson. The attendance, including those from the locality, is proving encouraging.

Bridgetown: Approximately 230 attended the conference on Saturday, 3rd August, including many young people. The teaching was given by J Fleck, E Fairfield and J Hay. On the Lord's Day E Fairfield gave a report of the Lord's work in Japan followed by C Beresford in ministry. J Hay continued in ministry from Monday to Thursday.

Drumenagh: L Craig held a week of well attended children's meetings in the Gospel Hall from 5th-9th August.

Limavady: J Rogers was with the assembly for one week of open-air preaching. A different area of the town was visited each evening and there was widespread visitation and tract distribution.

Portstewart: During the first week of the Ulster annual holidays (Twelfth Fortnight) the assembly held a series of Children's Meetings conducted by R Plant. These were planned to cater for the children of holiday makers (especially believers). The meetings were well attended by children (as well as parents and grandparents) keen to learn from God's Word. Subjects taken up were, "How to live as a believer" and lessons from Ezra and Nehemiah. The assembly was encouraged by the response and plan to make this an annual event (DV).

Portstewart: During July and August, the assembly held Saturday evening open air meetings on the Promenade from 7.00pm -7.30pm. These were a great encouragement, with R Plant speaking weekly assisted by other invited and able preachers. God's Word was faithfully proclaimed and much gospel literature distributed.


Bleary Gospel Hall: Annual Conference. The Bible Readings were taken by B Currie with ministry from R McKeown, D Gilliland and G Woods. The meetings were to profit.


Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: A large number gathered for the Annual Conference on 13th July. A rich sense of the Lord's presence and help prevailed throughout. There was coherence in the practical ministry given making it a day to be remembered. Participating brethren were – David Gilliland, Robert Thompson, John Riddle, Michael Penfold, Malcolm Radcliffe and Stanley Wells.

Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: The assembly held one week of children's meetings in Carryduff Primary School. Over 150 children attended during the week, with 30 parents present on the final night. The children responded well to being taught the Scriptures and to the very clear presentation of the gospel by Mr Jeff Rogers.

Ballywalter: Once again the assembly took a stall at the annual Town Fair and were much encouraged in the distribution of many tracts, CDs and gospel literature.

Bangor, Central Hall: The open-air meetings on the seafront, conducted each year by the assembly during the first fortnight of July, were held in glorious weather.  Many tracts and CDs were distributed and the gospel was very clearly presented by M Shanks and P McCauley. Some interesting conversations took place with people passing by.

Bangor, Ebenezer: The assembly held a week of very encouraging children's meetings at the end of July, with S Harper being the speaker. Attendance was very good and some useful contacts were made with the children and parents. 

Cardy: The Cardy Gospel Outreach was held again this year in Strangford College, Carrowdore, with G Paterson as the speaker. Over 300 children attended during the week and 150 adults came on the final night. Help from members of other assemblies was much appreciated.



Recently in the Tottenham area where John and Janice Frost serve the Lord, the assembly has had the joy of receiving two sisters into fellowship, one from Eritrea and the other from Romania; another from Cameroon has also requested fellowship. Every week there are new faces among the homeless and marginalised. They listen well to the preaching of the gospel and often give opportunities for personal conversations. Since January a meal has been provided by some of the sisters in the assembly for usually about six of these people. Numbers attending the English class fluctuate greatly. One of the more regular ones is a Polish lady they have known for many years. She and her husband were recently sleeping in a local park and were attacked and beaten up, quite a common occurrence as passports and other personal papers are often stolen from those sleeping rough. As a means of outreach, twelve came to an outing to the river after the All Age Service in the Hall and it is hoped to use this again.

Jonathan Black's work concentrates on the south-east and centre of London in a regular weekly programme: Tuesdays - door to door work in the Sydenham area, some recently attended gospel meetings there with Jonathan and Stephen Harper; Wednesdays - at a shelter in the city centre for men who are homeless or substance dependent, and socks and hygiene packs are distributed to them in a bag with a gospel tract; Thursdays - open air work focuses on Leicester Square and Covent Garden; Fridays - door to door work in the Bexleyheath area near the Hall inviting people to the gospel meeting. Prior to Jonathan and Joy moving there recently there were only six in fellowship. Pray that the assemblies in South London will be strengthened.


8th June was another "evangelism day" when, with the help of young believers from other assemblies, about 10,000 leaflets and invitations were distributed, reaching some new areas with the gospel. Following on from this they held two special meetings on "Why I believe the Bible is relevant in 2013", with Michael Penfold preaching. Very few actually responded to the invitations, but the assembly was encouraged by the support of local believers, and younger Christians gained much profit. In the first week of July they hosted the Bible Exhibition with Jonathan Black. The hall was open daily 1.30 - 8.30pm. One school sent 50 children to the exhibition, helping to establish a new contact for the assembly. Most encouraging was that over 40 adults visited, and one has attended the gospel meetings ever since. Previous contacts were visited, some preaching was done in the town centre precinct, and more literature was distributed.

Cleveleys and Fleetwood

Neal and Christine Hartridge have a bookshelf in Cleveleys High Street most Saturday afternoons offering free Bibles and displaying numerous tracts. They also have a stall inside the market at Fleetwood four days a week with a permanent lease which is to be renewed in October for a 3 year term. The Fleetwood Tram Festival is a major event and a marquee stand enables a Bible Exhibition to be set up and the gospel presented on a one to one basis. Street stalls are also worked around the assembly meetings on Lord's Days. In April a monthly gospel meeting was started in the Kirkham community centre with good support from local assembly believers. Pray for A who shows good interest, also P who is mixed up with psychology and M who professes to be saved but acknowledges his need to get back to the Lord. The Cheshire County Show was also visited for two days in June - some 91,000 people were in attendance including the Princess Royal. Pray that souls contacted will be brought to the Saviour.


Stephen Baker asks for prayer relative to radio work. He was able to broadcast on Hope University Radio from March to June, but in June they stopped broadcasting for the summer and do not resume until September. Since then he has an opening with a local internet radio station (average listening audience 20,000) and will be able to broadcast with them as soon as he wishes, most likely after the summer.


Philip Kaye writes that he is in the closing stages of the last round of school visits for the academic year and is grateful for these doors that remain open to him. It is a privilege to present God's Word to thousands of children each month, praying that it will be to the eternal good of many of them. He is also busy preparing for the Words of Life Bible School Camp at Robin Hood's Bay in August, with responsibility for conducting the evening meetings.

Tyne and Wear

During July Ian Campbell visited Sunderland with an open air presentation of the gospel using a magnetic board with colourful graphics and texts. Two 17 year old girls listened to the preaching and engaged in conversation. At first they were dismissive, but as the gospel was explained including the seriousness of sin there was a noticeable change in one of them. She said that she had never heard this at school and accepted a copy of the booklet "Why the Cross?" and each also went away with a Gospel. On the same day he spoke to a man in his early 50s who had started to read the Bible. It was obvious he was a seeking soul. Some verses from John's Gospel were read to him and his need to be born again explained. In South Shields the town was heaving with people at a summer parade. A local lad of 21 home on leave from the Royal Navy was spoken to - he said he had recently been baptised and confirmed but it was obvious he knew nothing of the true gospel. He asked lots of questions and was challenged with a few verses from the Bible. He was thankful for the conversation and walked off with a John's Gospel.


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