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Fill the Waterpots (Jn 2.7)

J L Stanley

Every word and action of the Lord is full of meaning. There was a reason for everything He did, and all His doings exhibit His perfect wisdom. This is conspicuous in the command He gave to fill empty water pots with water. It was an act well fitted to disarm all suspicion as to the genuineness of the miracle of the water being turned into wine by the Lord.

This was to be done by the servants. It left no room for any deception. The action lifted the whole miracle out of the realm of doubt as to the reality of the Lord's act of power. Like everything that He does it will bear the strongest light and the minutest inspection. It is well treated to teach us that God does not do for us what we can do for ourselves. The servants could not turn water into wine, but they could fill the empty water pots with water. This they did at the Lord's bidding and thus it ever is.

Man cannot convert a sinner from the error of his ways, or bring him to God, but he can bring to the sinner the word of the gospel which God uses to bring life to that soul. While taking care not to act as if we can do everything that brings spiritual life to anyone, let us beware of thinking that we can do nothing, and that God would do everything in this matter.

But the incident carries its lesson to parents and teachers who seek the salvation of the young. Fill the water pots with water. Store their minds with that Word of God which He uses. Where the mind is well stored with this you can look to the Lord to exert His power and bless His Word. You cannot give life but you can bring the Word of Life to those who desire to be saved.



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