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Mrs Dorothy McGowan, aged 75, was called home on 15th July. Saved at the age of 8, Dorothy was in fellowship in the assembly at Comber Road, Dundonald, for over 50 years. Dorothy was a selfless lady and touched the lives of many others, with her love being particularly felt in the family and in the assembly. She was dedicated to the children's and young people's work at Dundonald Gospel Hall, including organising and helping in the annual Summer Camp for many years. Appreciation of Dorothy's open heart and open home was reflected in a packed hall for her Thanksgiving Service, which was conducted by D Gillespie, D Craig and G Hall, along with her brother Ken Page and her son Robert. Prayer is appreciated for her husband Billy and the family circle.

Rhona Kennedy (Noble) was born into a Christian home and saved in her mid-teens while a member of Mr Jebb's Sunday School class in Matchett Street Gospel Hall. She married Alec Kennedy in 1950, and together they served the Lord and enjoyed His presence in their home, and as members of assemblies in the Belfast area, and laterally in Cambridge Avenue, Ballymena. Rhona was a much appreciated and greatly valued member of the family of God, noted for her happy disposition and encouraging words whether spoken, or written in the letters for which she was famous! Following the death of her beloved husband, she spent her last years in Prospect Nursing Home where she received great care and attention from her family and the staff. Her greatest joy in recent days was to hear that the prayers of many years for their family had been answered in the salvation of her son Desmond in Australia. The rest of her children are gifts to the Church and active in the Lord's work at home and abroad. Her funeral, which she had arranged herself, was conducted by J Parkinson and T Wallace.

Mr Joseph (Alastair) Murray, aged 73, was called home on 24th January. Born into a Christian home he was saved as a boy at a Children's Mission in the Footdee area of Aberdeen where the family lived. In his early years he met with the Salvation Army where his musical gift was encouraged. In his mid-teens, having learned the truths of baptism and assembly gathering, he was baptised and received into fellowship in the assembly in Footdee. After moving house he came into fellowship with the Victoria Hall assembly where his contributions in the gatherings of the assembly were much appreciated. He was active in children's work and also in various old people's homes in the city. He was an elder in the assembly and also an able precentor. For over 50 years he was part of a group of singers who, every fortnight, sang hymns round the wards in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. His large funeral was indicative of the esteem in which Alastair was held. Prayer is requested for his widow Elma and the family.

Mr Alex John Strachan, aged 74, departed to be with Christ on 9th July after a long illness borne with patient grace. His uncomplaining and cheerful spirit inspired his family and friends. Alex John was saved in 1954 during a visit by the late Mr Albert Leckie to Peterhead. This was soon after the loss of the MV Quiet Waters with young fisher lads who were neighbours and friends. Alex John spent most of his working life at sea on board the family boat Devotion first as a crew member and then as skipper. He married Daisy in 1961 and together they raised a family and showed kindness and hospitality to the saints. It was a great loss to our brother when Daisy was called home in 1995 after a sudden and short illness. He found new happiness in his marriage to Wilma and the "open door" continued so that friends from near and far enjoyed a welcome. The very large number at the funeral service reflected the esteem in which our brother was held. He will be missed by Wilma and his family and in the assembly where his contributions in worship and prayer were greatly appreciated.

Mrs Nessie Summers, aged 78, was called home on 27th June, after a relatively short illness. As a young girl she attended the Bible class in Prince Street Hall, led at that time by our late esteemed brother Alex McLean, and, one Lord's Day evening during the class, she trusted the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. She was baptised and received into the fellowship of the assembly on Christmas Day of 1955. Her husband Alex had been received into fellowship about two months previously, and so for nigh on 59 years Alex and Nessie consistently showed kindness and hospitality to the Lord's people. They enjoyed attending Bible Readings in various parts of the country, and over the years formed many lasting friendships. Our sister had a most endearing personality, and her calm and tranquil manner served as an example to others. The very large funeral service was a fitting testimony to the respect in which Nessie was held in the assembly and in the local community. She will be greatly missed in the assembly, and by her husband and family for whom prayer will be appreciated.

A reflection and a request

The assembly at York Street Hall Peterhead has suffered the loss of a sister and a brother within two weeks. The loss is keenly felt, for they were loved and valued. Prayer will be appreciated for the assembly in this time of sadness as we look to the Lord for grace and strength for future service and testimony.

Mr Jimmy Thomson, aged 77, passed into the Lord's presence on 11th July. Our brother was born in Bellshill in 1936 and was saved as a young man of 14. He was baptised soon after and received into assembly fellowship in Kirkintilloch. He was married to Mary in 1962 and moved to Glenrothes, Fife in 1978. For some years he was very active in Glenrothes Baptist Church, and came into assembly fellowship in Union Hall, Cowdenbeath in 2002, spending 12 happy years there until the Lord took him home. Jimmy was a faithful and encouraging brother and, in spite of decreasing health, attended the gatherings as often as able. Prayer is requested for his wife Mary and the family.

Mr Fred Williamson, aged 89, passed into the Lord's presence on 26th February. Our brother was saved as a young man while attending Street's Mission in Cowdenbeath with his mother. He was baptised at 19 years of age and came into assembly fellowship in Union Hall, Cowdenbeath, Fife. He remained loyal and faithful to the Lord in that assembly all of his life thereafter, always being found at the assembly gatherings. Fred was a brother who maximised his gift of a good singing voice and faithfully served the Lord in this over many years in weekly visits to the homes for the elderly and elsewhere. Our brother met his wife Betty at a Fife Bible Class camp; they were married in 1958 and had 56 years of a happy and loving marriage. Fred was held in high esteem within the assembly. Prayer is requested for his wife Betty, son Alan, and daughter Joyce.


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