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Poetry: He and I

J Wilson

"The Lord thinketh upon me" (Ps 40.17)
"He thinketh on me." O what grace
That God should condescend
On such a one to turn His gaze -
On me one thought expend.

"Your Father knoweth" (Mt 6.8)
"Your Father knoweth." Precious thought
That all my needs are known
By Him the source of all supply;
Sweet claim, I am His own.

"He careth for you" (1 Pet 5.7)
"He careth for you." Can it be
That He who bore sin's load
My burden seeks – says, "Cast all care
On Me along life's road".

"The Father himself loveth you" (Jn 16.27)
"The Father loves you." Here, O Lord,
With humbled heart I trace
To its great Head each desert stream,
Find here the source of grace.


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