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Poetry: Haste, my Beloved (Song 8.14)

B Harries

"Haste, my Beloved" - Thy waiting Bride is longing
For the great day when she shall hear Thy voice;
To see Thy face, to join those saints now thronging
Around Thyself - together to rejoice.

"Haste, my Beloved" - that day must soon be dawning
When all thy saints will meet Thee in the air;
And Oh! What joy that wondrous, blissful morning
Will bring to us, when we shall gather there!

"Haste, my Beloved" – each suffering saint is crying,
Whilst spurned and mocked at by this Godless world;
Thy thrilling call will end the tears and sighing,
The "Banner of Love" will then be all unfurled.

"Haste, my Beloved" – what happy songs when meeting
Our glorious Lord amidst the throngs up there;
When we shall hear His tender words of greeting,
And see His face, once marred, now wondrous fair.


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