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During early April Gordon McCracken was with the Cullen assembly for their annual Holiday Club, the sixth consecutive year of this work. Numbers of children and parents attending have been very encouraging in previous years, and this was no exception. Over 120 children came, numbers varying from 95 to 101 over the five sessions. The prize-giving filled the Town Hall when many parents, friends and relations heard the gospel clearly presented. One young lad professed faith in the Lord Jesus two days later, and three new children came to the Sunday School as a result of this outreach. Please pray for the children, their parents, and for the regular children's work in Cullen.

Immediately after this Gordon was with the assembly in Fernielea, Aberdeen. Numbers started about 30 and built to 54 on the biggest night. On prize night 120 seats were filled by the children and their parents. Around the hall there is a great diversity of ethnicity, and parents of children from the African and Indian communities especially showed good interest and enthusiasm for what the children were being taught, with many of them staying to listen each night. The believers were delighted to see so many coming and to contact new people who seem keen for their children to hear the gospel.

The believers meeting in Inverurie Gospel Hall had the great pleasure of witnessing no less than seven believers being baptised on the last Lord's Day in April. Five of these were young people whose family members are in the assembly and had grown up among the believers; one was a young lady who had been reached and saved while studying the Christianity Explored course which the assembly had used, and the other was a Polish lady who had first just come into the hall while passing one evening and continued to come and was blessed. This assembly has seen considerable growth over the past few years, and the believers are rejoicing again in the goodness of God to them.


During March, Alan Smith was with the assembly in Newton Stewart for three weeks of Gospel Meetings. The meetings were well supported by the saints, both local and further afield.  Unsaved folk were present most evenings and God graciously gave help in the preaching. Please pray that God will bless the Seed sown. Alan is planning Gospel Meetings in the Village Hall, Auldgirth, near Dumfries, on Tuesdays 9, 16, 23 and Fridays 12, 19, 26 June at 8pm (DV). Prayer is appreciated and support requested for the work in this area which has no current evangelical witness.


The Easter Mission at Kilbirnie Gospel Hall in April was predominantly to reach children. There was first a week of prayer, Monday to Thursday, with invitations to ten assemblies in North Ayrshire and Renfrewshire to join with them. God's presence was very real during those blessed times. On Saturday they had an Open Day for members of the public to come into the hall for some refreshments and a chat, with activities laid on for the children. It was probably the busiest Open Day to date with around 150 townsfolk coming into the hall. Some good contacts were made. The following week had Bible studies each morning, and afternoon sessions with the children were from 2.00 - 4.00pm on the theme of Joseph. On average 25 children came each day, many parents also coming with them. The children were very attentive and some learned memory verses very quickly. Although the believers were thrilled at the response during the mission their desire and prayer all the time was to give glory to our Lord Jesus, and they thank all who gave of their time to carry out this work.



Ahoghill: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was set up in the Gospel Hall in Ahoghill from 20th-24th April. During the busy week almost 700 P6 and P7 pupils, along with their teachers and assistants, visited the exhibition. Many opportunities were given to explain God's way of salvation to the boys and girls and we continue to pray that blessing will result from this sowing.

Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): D Gilliland and J Fleck have commenced Gospel Meetings in an outreach hall known as Garryowen which is rented by the assembly and where monthly Gospel Meetings have been conducted for some time. The building has been packed each night with many visitors present. John and David have enjoyed great help to present the gospel and the interest is increasing in this historic building that was erected by our brother Harold Paisley's father in 1933.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: The assembly had a short visit from Jack Hay from 26th-29th April when character studies on the "Josephs" of the New Testament were both heart-warming and challenging. Good attendance each evening bore testimony to the appreciation of visitors and of the local assembly alike.

Clonkeen (Randalstown Hall): Ministry Meetings commenced on 10th May with D McKillen. Subject: "Coming Events in God's Prophetic Programme" with illustrated chart.


Glenanne: The assembly erected a portable hall in Markethill for Gospel Meetings which commenced at the end of April. Speakers: N Fleck and S Nelson.


Stonewall Gospel Hall: D Armstrong and H Milliken are into the third week of Gospel Meetings in this hall where there was once an assembly. A few locals have attended.


Dungannon Gospel Hall: W Martin and E Fairfield have commenced Gospel Meetings on 19th April. Believers are requested to pray that there will be those who repent and believe the gospel.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: In mid April, D Gilliland had a week of Ministry Meetings on the subject of "The Temple" illustrated with a model of this Old Testament building. Large crowds came to hear the most interesting description of the original temple and the practical lessons to be learned by today's Christians.


Matchett Street Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 5th April with B Currie and J Palmer. While numbers were not large, there were always a few visitors in attendance. The visitation in the locality was good with a ready acceptance of literature and a willingness to chat at the door, but it was very difficult to get the people to leave home and come to the hall. The brethren have been encouraged by the few who came, even for one meeting.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: The assembly planned two weeks of Gospel Meetings in Eden village where an outreach is conducted in a building known as Eden Gospel Hall by way of a Sunday School, children's meetings, and a monthly gospel meeting. 2,000 invitations and tracts were distributed and D Williamson (Belfast) and A Steele (Ballymena) have preached with simplicity and help. The meetings have been extended a further week because of increased attendance and interest. One young girl has professed faith in Christ and her parents have attended several times. Prayer valued for the village of Eden, and that further blessing may be seen.


Burnfoot: Three weeks of Gospel Meetings concluded on 1st May. They were held in a former school, and the preachers were W Fenton and M Campbell. The meetings were well attended, the gospel faithfully preached, with power, and the assembly at Straid greatly encouraged by two men coming to the Lord.

Limavady: The Annual Conference was very well attended and the teaching appreciated. A Ussher (Toronto) conducted the Bible Reading (Romans 6) in a most profitable manner. Ministry was also given by D Gilliland, G Woods, N. Mellish and D McAllister. At the close N McKeown gave a report of the Lord's work in Venezuela.


Bloomfield Gospel Hall: The assembly enjoyed an excellent week of Bible teaching on Colossians chapter 1 and the early verses of chapter 2 at the end of April. The readings were ably conducted and the Scriptures helpfully expounded by Ian Jackson (Eastbourne). A warm spirit was evidenced during the whole course of the week and all who attended the meetings were most appreciative of the help, encouragement and spiritual benefit received.


Ballykeel, Lough Road: S Gilfillan was with the assembly for one week of well attended and profitable ministry on the book of Nehemiah.

Bangor, Central Hall: J Rogers and P McCauley have concluded 4 weeks of Gospel Meetings. The assembly worked very hard in the locality with many people coming to the hall for the first time. Blessing in salvation has been most encouraging.

Bangor, Ebenezer: On 1st April a very large number from over 40 assemblies came to hear S Ferguson give a very interesting and uplifting account of some of his experiences in his service for the Lord.

Cardy: The assembly hosted the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition. During the week, approximately 750 children with their teachers visited the exhibition during the day and local response in the evenings was excellent.

Dromore: R Eadie and S Maze were with the assembly for one week, with the Belmont Bible Exhibition. Local response was most encouraging with some 1,200 people visiting the exhibition. The attendance of over 250 children from the local Catholic schools was particularly appreciated.

Moneyreagh: C Beresford and K Newell have commenced Gospel Meetings with the assembly, with good initial local response.

Portavogie, New Road: The well-attended Annual Conference on 25th April heard very encouraging ministry from D Gilliland, S Harper, J Lennox, B Glendinning, B Currie, N Mellish and J Palmer. N Mellish continued with the assembly for one week of most helpful ministry on local assembly principles.


Bexleyheath The February half-term Children's Meetings in Bexleyheath with J Black brought a good number of children and parents to hear God's Word once again. Bicester A week of Children's Meetings in February with R Plant saw a good number of new ones coming to hear the gospel. Also in February A Ussher (Canada) had a profitable series of ministry meetings on "godliness", with very good numbers of young people in attendance. S Higgins (USA) was at their Easter meetings with C Hutchison, and then Mr Higgins had three nights of appreciated ministry in Bedminster Road, Bristol.

Northampton - In February the assembly at Spencer Bridge Road had the Bible Exhibition for two weeks. It drew 1,030 children and 120 teaching staff. This enabled the gospel to be presented to them in an effective way as they passed through the Hall.

Bracknell, Berks

The assembly held a family lunch and subsequent Gospel Meetings from 26th-30th April. Afternoon sessions, taken by D Rudge, considered questions such as Does God Exist? and Can I Trust the Bible? These sessions were repeated each evening with a further gospel message given by J Colledge. Over 20 different unsaved folk attended, some of whom took Bibles and gospel literature. Please pray that the Seed sown might result in salvation.

Leicester A week of ministry with Phil Coulson was a blessing to the assembly following their Spring Conference. A baptism on the same weekend brought much joy to all.


Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter had two weeks of Gospel Meetings after Easter. They had encouraging open air meetings and door to door work. Quite a good number of unsaved folks attended, some for the first time. Prayer is valued for the Seed sown.


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