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Poetry: She Kissed His Feet (Lk 7.38)

W Blane

She kissed His feet-
Those feet that trod the lonely path below,
From which the crimson blood so soon would flow-
In grief complete,
While weeping there with broken heart
Tears Mercy's touch alone could start,
She kissed His feet.

Love's token this,
And Love's fond pledge that in her after days
She would Him follow who the soul could raise
From sin's abyss.
Yes, follow Him through trials all
Till she before His feet should fall
'Mid heaven's bliss.

Thus every one
Who knows the Saviour's frank, forgiving love,
And hopes to fall before His feet above,
Has kissed God's Son.
Yea, kissed His feet in pledge that they
Would not through all life's trying way
His footprints shun.


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