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North of Scotland

For three weeks in August the Wick assembly used a tent pitched at Riverside for the preaching of the gospel. They acknowledge the kindness of the Ballingry assembly in lending them the tent. Jack Hay and Ainslie Paterson shared the preaching, and during the final week local brethren shared with Ainslie. Over the period, over 50 outsiders attended, and whilst many of them were believers, the majority would not be. Many came just one night, but prayer is requested for a married couple and for a university student who showed a particular interest. The believers are thankful for answered prayer in relation to security of the tent, for liberty in the preaching of the gospel, and for people to preach to, and are now looking expectantly to God to bless in salvation.

The assembly at Culloden had a week of outreach in the gospel in August, during which David Williamson and Paul McCauley gave very helpful ministry on the subject of personal evangelism. With the help of visiting believers many tracts were distributed, and some good conversations were had with people on their doorsteps in the area. Please pray that the Seed sown will bear fruit.


On a Saturday afternoon in late August the assembly at Kennoway had a full hall for the baptism of a teenage girl who had been at a camp at Faskally House during the summer. Gary Davidson who had been the preacher at the camp explained the meaning of baptism to an audience of young and old, and concluded the meeting with a very clear and challenging gospel message.



Ballintoy Gospel Hall: The gospel was faithfully preached for four weeks by Mr D Gillies (Scotland) and Mr P Kennedy (Ballintoy) in tent meetings at David Brown's farm yard. Good numbers of those not associated with assemblies attended well and believer's children were also present nightly. Prayer is requested that the good seed sown will still bring forth fruit.

Ballycastle (Lammas Fair): The Annual Open Air Meetings conducted on the sea front on 24th and 25th August were very well supported. Thousands of tracts were distributed and help was given by J Rogers, R Pickering, B Glendinning, T McNeill, D Gillies, T J McKillen and various local brethren, all of which was much appreciated.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings continue with very good attendance and encouraging numbers of unsaved present each night. The support from neighbouring assemblies is very much appreciated. Prayer valued for blessing in salvation. Speakers: W Martin and T Armstrong.

Ballymena (Harryville): The annual outreach in one week of children's meetings in Tullygarley Community Centre conducted by R Kirkpatrick at the end of August proved very encouraging with increased attendance of both children and parents.

Ballynashee: The Gospel Meetings conducted by B Currie and J Palmer, have concluded after 6 weeks. The brethren were greatly encouraged with some 50 "outsiders" having been present on at least one occasion, and their joy was accentuated when the Lord visited with salvation.

Larne (Craigyhill): The Annual Conference and Bible Readings were held in Larne Leisure Centre over the Bank Holiday weekend. 500-600 gathered together to hear the brethren discuss "The House of God - Its Character, Its Contributions, Its Construction and Its Conduct". The restatement of assembly truths have left us more responsible to maintain testimony in keeping with the "The God of the House". The Gospel Meeting was one of the largest in recent years with many unsaved hearing the gospel clearly presented.


Bellaghy: A Colgan and W Fleck preached the gospel for three weeks in a tent in the country district of Beagh – near Maghera. The meetings concluded on 28th August. Although the meetings were well supported by a number of local assemblies, the response from the surrounding area was disappointing.

Bridgetown: (Co Donegal) S Patterson and S Barr commenced Gospel Meetings in a portable hall on 30th August. The hall is located in the town land of Copany where there is a monthly gospel outreach from the assembly in Bridgetown.

Drumenagh: This summer was the 15th consecutive time the assembly held their annual week of Children's Meetings. Over the years much effort has gone in to breaking down very strong prejudices held against the testimony by a deeply religious community. It is with great joy that the assembly has seen many come into the hall who would never have attended before. The work in the local primary school and personal contacts have encouraged the number of children in attendance to exceed 50 and, in addition, on the final night, a similar number of parents and friends attended. L Craig has been responsible for these meetings, but in earlier years was helped by D Donaghy.

Magherafelt: S Gilfillan and R Reynolds are expected to commence Gospel Meetings on 27th September. The meetings will be held in a portable hall in the Station Yard in Desertmartin.


Fintona Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference for believers was held on 19th August. Fundamental and practical teaching was given to the good number of people who attended. Those giving such ministry were S McBride, B Currie, M Radcliffe, D Gilliland, G Woods and J Rogers.

Martray Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings commenced on 20th August in a tent erected near to the Gospel Hall. The preachers have been greatly encouraged by the good number of locals who have been attending. On occasions the tent has been full and the people appeared to have had a good interest in the gospel. Local assemblies are giving good support by their prayers and attendance.


Ballyhay: The Gospel Meetings held in a tent at Ballyvester and conducted by A Davidson and M Hunter have concluded. A good number of local people attended and the assembly was greatly encouraged by seeing blessing in salvation.

Ballywalter: The Children's Meetings conducted by A Finney from 17th-21st August attracted an excellent response from both children and parents.

Dromore: As of beginning of September, J Fleck and S Gilfillan are in their 5th week of gospel tent meetings. The tent is filled each evening, and the power of God has been seen in an unusual way. A good number have been saved and some are burdened, seeking salvation. Many believers speak of being restored and refreshed

Gransha: B Griffiths had one week of very helpful Ministry from 10th–14th August on the subject of "The Levitical Offerings".

Growell: P Stevenson was with the assembly for very well-attended children's meetings held in Beechlawn School from 3rd-8th August.

Kilkeel: A Wilson and N Fleck have commenced Gospel Meetings with the assembly, with several unsaved attending.


Currien: Brethren B Glendinning and T Wright brought the Gospel to this needy rural area during August. They were encouraged to see a little local interest and value prayer for the seed sown.


Small Heath, Birmingham, is a predominantly Muslim community, but also home to a small assembly of the Lord's people.  To increase the spread of the gospel into the community, a special week of gospel activity was arranged, led by Andy Mullan and Robert Armstrong.  A small team of experienced brethren and sisters gave of their time to come and help with tract distribution and personal work, supported practically by local believers.

Morning sessions to try to understand the Islamic mindset were led by Robert who passed on many lessons learned personally over his years of service in Tanzania.  In the afternoons it was out to the High Street to engage the locals in spiritual conversation. The hall was opened four evenings when Andy preached the gospel. Some of the team were apprehensive, but all were impressed by the general politeness and acceptance of tracts.  There is "a zeal of God" among them but "not according to knowledge" (Rom 10.2).  As a result it isn't hard to get into conversation, but this was not really because of an interest in the gospel, rather they wanted to bring others into their way of thinking.

Some showed an openness to listen to the Word of God. Pray for a pharmacist, a hardware assistant, and some other local workers with whom there is opportunity for ongoing contact, and also for student age groups as these are generally the most open - some productive conversations were held with them. Andy and a few local brethren will now continue each Thursday afternoon to build upon the work that has been started.

The Bromborough Bible Exhibition will soon enter its fourth year and in that time over 70 school visits have taken place, usually one school visit per week during core term time. The Exhibition is a half day event for Years 5 or 6. It is taken into school and the time spent with children (and staff) is valuable. Different exhibits have been gathered so that the Exhibition is occasionally set up in halls or community centres also. Please pray as the programme for 2015-16 is being arranged.

In June the Gospel Tent visited Bromborough. Ian Jackson and Robert Plant preached to the adults and children respectively. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of 60-70 unsaved folk and other believers from the area. Many excellent conversations took place and new contacts were established. One young girl of 9 professed salvation. The assembly in Bromborough is relatively small and the support of other assemblies was appreciated.  The work is being followed up by a Seed Sowers distribution and the re-establishment of the Sunday School.


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