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How to read the Bible

George Müller

It is not only day by day that the Word of God should be read. It has to be read:

Regularly through the Old and New Testaments, not certain parts only. I know that this is the practice of many, yet there are some who do not do so. For many years I have attended to this and I find continually the blessedness of it. One advantage of this plan is that you never get tired of reading the Scriptures. They are always fresh and new to you.

Meditatively. We have to remember that our own intellect cannot fathom them. We must in true humility of soul wait upon God that He, by His Spirit, would be pleased to instruct us. We must also seek to couple this with meditation upon the Word of God. It is not enough that we go cursorily through it just to satisfy our conscience.

Personally. I have repeatedly referred to the temptation that teachers, parents, or others fall into - that of reading the Scriptures for others. I do not say that God will not bring good out of this, but we should seek to get good out of it by reading ourselves.

Practically. We must aim to practise what we find in the Scriptures. We may be feebly doing it, nevertheless this is the great aim. It is the holy godly purpose that, by the help of God, we will carry out in our lives what we find in the divine testimony. If this be lacking, no matter how carefully, how regularly, we read the Scriptures, after all we shall lose the blessing we seek. Though often, it may be, we shall be like the tree in winter, no blossom seen yet, but it is growing downward; so it will be with us. It will be entirely impossible that we will remain still; we shall make some progress in knowledge and in grace.

Persistently. We see in these days that by tens of thousands, publications are issued to the press, and it is Satan’s object to put as many as can be into our hands, so that he can keep us from the Scriptures. But be determined rather to tear them to pieces if they keep you from the Word of God. I do not say that there is no blessing to be found in human writings; most assuredly there is, and God does give blessing though human writings. But if the question be whether I shall read the Scriptures or human writings, then most assuredly the answer must be the Word of God. For that Word of God is His own voice speaking directly to my soul.



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