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The Climax of World History by Malcolm C. Davis; published 2009; available from John Ritchie Ltd; 90 pages; price £5.95.

Many people are asking, "Whatever is the world coming to?" War, disease and disaster have prompted widespread fear about the future. How refreshing, therefore, to read a book bearing the sub-title, "A concise study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ".

In the Foreword by James Allen, the author of Revelation in the What the Bible Teaches series, his own approval of this book is clearly indicated, "Personally thrilled with its conciseness and clarity I can honestly recommend it to all believers especially younger believers who desire a reliable overview of that tremendous book".

Malcolm Davis considers the book of Revelation from the Futurist, Pre-millennial, Pre-tribulation viewpoint. His thoughts and conclusions are based on the prophetic background of Daniel 9.24-27 and the seventy-week prophecy, fitting Revelation into that time scale.

The author firmly believes that the Word of God is crystal clear that the Lord will come for His church before the terrifying times of the Great Tribulation burst upon a Christ-rejecting world.

Commenting on the seven churches, the author embraces the view that "together and consecutively, they predict the history of Christendom from apostolic times to the end of the age". He traces this vein down through church history and remarks, "the parallel is certainly fairly clear to spiritually-minded saints". In keeping with the purpose of the book to be "a concise study", a brief summary of the seven churches is presented.

Throughout the remainder of the book the author seeks to help readers understand the prophecies of Revelation and their relevance to us today.

The Climax of World History was originally intended to benefit a small group of Christians. In its present format it is hoped that it will prove to be a rich blessing to many and bring glory to the risen and soon returning Lord.


Chronological Study Bible NKJV, published by Thomas Nelson and available from John Ritchie Ltd; 1728 pages; price £30.99.

The Chronological Study Bible claims to be the first study Bible arranged in chronological order so presenting the text of the Bible in the order of events as they unfolded. This means that books are not necessarily kept together, but instead that portions are arranged within portions from other books. There are also books (such as Jeremiah) that are re-ordered in chronological order rather than the way we would normally read it. There will be endless debate as to how one can chronologically arrange some elements of the Bible. There are notes explaining the different options that were available for placement and the reasons as to why one option was chosen over the others.

Upon first glance you will immediately notice that each page is rich in colour with illustrations of places, artifacts and cultural information that gives a vivid experience of life in the Bible, and there are transition comments to prepare you for the text that follows.

The Bible is divided into nine different sections or "epochs" and each epoch is marked by separate colours, so if you are thumbing through the Bible you can easily locate the epoch in which you are interested. The different time periods are also marked on each page.

The re-arrangement of the books does take a little getting used to; for example some of Paul’s letters (epistles) are inserted within the book of Acts. The gospels are whole, but wholly combined.

The Chronological Study Bible makes for fascinating reading and will make a great reference tool for younger people trying to read a more obscure book of the Bible by seeing it set in its historical period.

There is a 28 page daily reading plan included, but one does doubt whether anyone would use it for this purpose.

Although there are many Bibles on my bookshelf, this one provides something unique and is a completely different way of exploring the Word of God.

Overall this is a beautiful Bible, rich in detail and bonus features, and will provide many study opportunities.



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