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Lanarkshire Gospel Work: August

Salsburgh We are now into the second week of meetings, and can report that good numbers of unsaved have been attending each night. Children’s meetings have also been well attended. Pray with us that we will see blessing as a result of these meetings.


There are various agricultural shows to which the tract van is taken in south-west Scotland by faithful brethren, and they find it a real joy to serve God in this way. Sadly sometimes there is an apparent godlessness and atheistic attitude which is most surprising amongst folk so dependent upon the elements to produce good crops.

Having said that, there are opportunities to engage in some very good conversations with a number of farmers and of course many leaflets with a clear gospel message are distributed. Many bags are also passed on to children, each containing a colouring book and suitable leaflet for them. Pray that the seed sown will yet produce a harvest!

Tent Work in Scotland

Dan Gillies has again made good use of his tent over the summer months. He was in Inchture in June (see report in September BM), then Thornhill, Dumfriesshire in July, where he shared with Aaron Colgan of N Ireland, in fellowship with the assembly at Kirkconnel. There only a few unsaved people came and it was disappointing that some who showed an interest last year, showed no concern this year. Some older boys came to the children’s meetings and showed a good interest in the gospel. A man from Sanquhar who was terminally ill professed salvation following visits to him, and he bore a clear testimony to his family before he went to be with the Lord shortly afterwards.

Next, the tent was at Inverlochy, Fort William, in an excellent site in the centre of the village where hundreds daily read the large banner (Acts 16.31) alongside the tent. In fellowship with local and visiting brethren the gospel was presented to around twenty different people who came in. Also parents attended the children’s meeting nightly, many doors were knocked, and much literature distributed.

Finally, in August at Edzell Woods near Luthermuir children and parents attended morning by morning for a week, with Brian Chalmers sharing in the meetings. Many thanks to all who prayed.



Ahoghill: Gospel Hall. Gospel meetings are expected to commence on 4th October with P McCauley and D McGarvey for four weeks.

The annual week for boys and girls and young people was held from 7th-11th September with J Rogers.

Ballintoy: Ministry meetings were held from 25th-27th August with N Mellish on "The Feasts of Jehovah". These were well attended and profitable.

Ballyclare: Ministry meetings were held from 17th-21st August with J Fleck. There was very good interest.

Ballymoney: Gospel Meetings in the town hall are expected to commence on 29th September with J Fleck and W Martin and to continue DV for four weeks. Prayer would be appreciated for this important effort.

Broughshane: Ministry meetings were held from 17th-21st August with S Gilfillan. They were very challenging, and well attended.

Special gospel meetings are expected to commence on 25th October with J Martin and W Martin. Interest and prayer would be appreciated.

Burnside: T Matthews (Brazil) had ministry meetings from 14th-18th September.

Carnlough: P McMullan had one week of children’s meetings in the Saunders’ home. Very useful contacts were made.

Clough: Gospel Meetings commenced on 9th August with D McGarvey and M Radcliffe are continuing into the 5th week (August 31st). Very good interest is being shown, the Word of God is being faithfully preached, and blessing is awaited.

Harryville: Ministry meetings are expected to be held from 19th-23rd October with D Gilliland. Also one week of children’s meetings in Tullygarley Community Centre was held with S Baker from 24th-28th August. They were very well attended.

Kells: Annual children’s meetings were held in a tent at Woodgreen from 3rd-7th August. Also children’s meetings were held at Moorfields from 7th-11th September in J Wilson’s yard.

Larne (Craigyhill): The Annual Conference and Bible Readings took place in Larne Leisure Centre from 28th August-1st September. The very good Bible Readings were conducted by J Allen, J Fleck, J Hay, and D Oliver. Others were involved in ministry etc. Exceptionally large numbers attended. The meetings were very profitable.

Gospel meetings are expected to commence in the Gospel Hall in mid September with T Meekin and J Rogers.


Mowhan (Markethill): Gospel meetings were continuing at 1st September in a portable hall. Nice numbers with some locals coming. The speaker is S McBride with help from some younger local brethren.


Ballynahinch: B Currie and J Palmer have been preaching nightly for five weeks at the end of August in a canvas tent. The meetings have been most encouraging with two young people from Christian families professing to be saved. There has been a measure of interest amongst others who have been attending. However, the response from the local townsfolk was disappointing. Pray for the seed sown both in visitation and in the preaching.

Growell Gospel Hall: S Wells and D McGarvey commenced a series in the gospel on 6th September. Please pray for blessing in this country area.


Lisbellaw Gospel Hall: S Patterson and G Stewart are to commence gospel meetings on 20th September. Prayer is requested for this needy village.


Bellaghy: In the Hillhead district of Castledawson A Colgan and J McClelland (Nova Scotia) had six weeks of well attended tent meetings which finished at the end of August. The interest was excellent which was reflected in very good attendances from the locality. There was blessing in salvation, including some who had been prayed for over many years.


Kingsmills Gospel Hall: S Gilfillan and G Woods are conducting a series of gospel meetings which commenced at the end of August. Pray for blessing.

Martry: Gospel meetings conducted by A Wilson and S Nelson commenced in a portable hall approximately half a mile from the Gospel Hall on 6th September.

Moygashel (Dungannon): W Boyd is expected for gospel meetings. Pray for this area.

Victoria Bridge: Gospel meetings were continuing at the end of August in a Young Farmers’ Hall. The preachers are N Coulter and B Glendinning.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: J Grant had a profitable week of ministry at the end of August with good attendance. The meetings were well supported by believers from surrounding assemblies.

Fintona Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference on 12th August was well attended and profitable ministry was given by S Wells, R McKeown, A Davidson, W J Nesbitt, and M Radcliffe.

The following week the assembly had a visit from T Matthews with helpful ministry.


Clones Conference: The hall was packed to capacity and the ministry considered most profitable. The speakers were R McKeown, T Matthews, W J Nesbitt, S McBride, and B Smyth.


Bloomfield (Dixon Park): Gospel meetings conducted by D Gilliland and D Oliver (Canada) commenced here on 6th September in a portable hall. Please pray for this large residential area of east Belfast that many people may come and hear the life giving message of the gospel.


Tent Meetings at Bicester

Four weeks of tent meetings on a School playing field in Bicester saw over 100 unsaved pass through the doors. Wesley Martin and Tommy Wright preached faithfully each night. There was some blessing, but others who were troubled are still in their sins. Please pray for their deliverance.


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