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Poetry: He walked with God

J Danson Smith

"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him" (Gen 5.24)

He walked with God, could grander words be written?
Not much of what he thought or said is told;
Not where or what he taught is ever mentioned:
He "walked with God": brief words of fadeless gold.

How many souls were succoured on his journey,
Helped by his words or prayers we may not know.
Still, this we read - words of excelling grandeur:
He "walked with God", while yet he walked below.

And after years, long years of such blest walking,
One day he walked, then was not; God said, "Come".
Come from this scene of weary, sin stained sadness.
Come to the fuller fellowship of home.

Such be the tribute of thy pilgrim journey,
When life’s last mile thy feet have bravely trod;
When thou hast gone to all that there awaits thee,
This simple epitaph: "He walked with God".


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