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Mr William Beck, aged 94, on 19th July. He was baptised in his early teens, received into fellowship in Shiloh Hall, Coatbridge, and was latterly in Hebron Hall. He remained in assembly fellowship for around 80 years. He was a faithful brother and elder who shared in the responsibilities of the assembly, and was correspondent for about 10 years in Shiloh Hall. He was a good visitor, and a most faithful attender at the assembly gatherings. In spite of failing health he was present at the breaking of bread a week before it pleased the Lord to call him home. He will be greatly missed.

Mrs Ethel Burns (née Moffitt), aged 88, on 10th August. Saved at 13 and baptised, she became an early member of the Ballinamallard assembly. Married, with a family of five, all of whom are now saved, she was widowed while still in her 50s. She then associated with the Enniskillen assembly. A sister beloved in the Lord, of piety and faithfulness, and with a heart for the gospel, she was an example to younger believers. Her high esteem in the community was attested by the very large attendance at her funeral. She was able to gather to remember her Lord up until two months before her homecall. Now her seat is empty and she will be greatly missed.

Mrs Hilda Ellis, aged 82, called home on 29th August. She was saved at meetings held by Mr Jim Martin in Ballyshid in 1960, and was in happy fellowship in Hanover Street, Portadown for many years. A very faithful and consistent sister with a cheerful disposition, she had a most fervent interest in the gospel as she encouraged her loved ones and others under its sound. Many unsaved locals attended her funeral service showing the esteem in which she was held. Taking part in her funeral services were Mr Thomas Hanna, Mr Roy Turkington, and Mr John Rogers. Prayer is requested for some family members still without Christ.

Mr Ezekiel (Eric) McAllister, aged 84, on 7th August. Saved in early boyhood, he was received into Fortwilliam assembly in 1948. He was also in Albertbridge Road for five years. Afterwards he became a founder member of Moneyrea assembly, and was in happy fellowship there until his sudden homecall. Eric had a care for the saints, was faithful to the Lord, and the truth, and was a lover of the gospel. He will be missed in Moneyrea, being held in high esteem by all. His funeral was large and representative and was conducted by Brian Currie and Jack Lennox, with local brethren helping. Prayer valued for his widow, two daughters, his brother Joseph, and the family circle.

Mr Wilgar Neely, aged 76, went to be with Christ on 29th July. He was saved when 22 years old, baptised, and received into Harryville assembly and later into Coleraine assembly. Wilgar was a gentle, gracious and cheerful brother with a zeal for the gospel especially amongst his neighbours. He had an excellent testimony in the district and was dearly loved by all the saints. Recently, special gospel meetings were held in a portable hall on his farm and many neighbours were found under the preaching of the gospel and he had the joy of seeing a number saved at that time. At the very large funeral, the service was conducted by Tommy Jamieson, Jim Fillis, and William Caldwell in the house, and Willie Fenton and Matthew McKillen were responsible at the graveside. Prayer valued for his family.

George Waugh, aged 86, called home on 2nd April. Born in Lanarkshire, our brother spent most of his life in Ayrshire. He trusted Christ as a teenager and came into fellowship in Annbank, later moving to Bute Hall, Prestwick. Early in his Christian life he dedicated himself to diligent Bible study and active service for the Lord. As a young man, he was often involved in evangelism, especially with Jim Anderson, his brother-in-law. Thereafter he was very active in Bible teaching throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK, also making visits to North America and Australia. George especially shone conducting Bible readings. He contributed the commentaries on James and 2nd Peter to the Ritchie What the Bible Teaches series. He also had a great influence personally on many younger men who are committed to the Lord’s Work world-wide. For many years George served as a member of the missionary council of Home and Foreign missions, now Interlink. That was only one expression of his deep interest in world mission. For the greater part of his ministry, he continued in a demanding managerial role in the coal industry where he was respected for his integrity and ability.  George was marked by dignity, yet he also had a deep interest in people and a great capacity for friendship. George and his wife Mary, called home in 2006, were given to hospitality. They were great encouragers. Failing health required residential care for several years. Remember his two daughters with their husbands, his four grandsons and four great-granddaughters in prayer. George Waugh has left a spiritual legacy and an outstanding example of devotion to his Lord and Saviour.


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