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Poetry: Afflictions come from God

D Newell

Afflictions come from God –
We may not understand,
But every burden that we bear
Comes from His loving hand.

Afflictions come from God
Remember this, my soul!
The loss, the grief, the pain, the stress,
Are under His control.

Afflictions come from God:
Whoever brings the load,
‘Tis God who sends it, and who knows
Just why it is bestowed.

Afflictions come from God:
Bright sunshine makes us roam,
But, come the storm, we long for Christ
And hasten swiftly home.

Afflictions come from God,
Who knows our feeble frame,
And tempers every test with grace
That we might praise His name.

Afflictions come from God
Throughout our earthly days,
That, purged like gold, in heaven’s bliss
His saints might sing His praise.


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