April 2010

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From the editor: Count Your Blessings
J Grant

Occasional Letters - Trials and Tribulations
D Newell

Poetry: Afflictions come from God
D Newell

Why I Believe: That Sisters Should Cover their Heads in Assembly Gatherings
J Hay

Poetry: My Father Knows

Book Review

Fundamentals for Young Believers (3): “And the Same Day there were Added...” (Acts 2.41)
M Wilkie

Jotham’s Parable - Judges 9.1-21 (4)
T Ratcliffe

Question Box

Torchbearers of the Truth: John Wycliffe (1324-1384)
R W Cargill

Notebook: Great Cities of the Old Testament - Nineveh
J Grant

The Holy Spirit of God: The Place Occupied in the Old Testament
P Harding

Ezekiel saw Visions of God
S Nicholes

Into All The World: Update on Loloma
Wilma Geddis

Suffering (Rom 8.18)
R Elliot

The Lord’s Work & Workers

With Christ

Forthcoming Meetings


Poetry: My Father Knows

(Deuteronomy 31.6)

Go where thy Father leads thee - let no doubt
Assail thy mind, though He should bid thee part
From dearest friends; though He should shut thee out
From human spiritual guides; yet to thy heart
He will speak words of peace, will cheer and bless,
Even though He lead thee through the wilderness.

God will Himself thy spiritual food assign.
Thankful take all He gives: though streams be dry
The fountain head, the well of life divine,
Is open - God will all thy wants supply.
In faith and prayer look thou to Christ thy Head,
Nor fear that thou shouldst lack thy daily bread.

And should He in His wisdom see it fit
To keep thee low in body or in mind,
Thou still in peace at His dear feet mayest sit,
And, listening to His voice, rich treasure find.
Then be not downcast, hope on to the end,
Low paths do oft the fairest pastures tend.

Hear when He bids thee take the lowest place;
There sit thee down, and there abide His will.
’Tis there that He will meet thee, and His grace
Display; and till He bids thee thence be still;
Thou wouldst not murmur when His will constrains
Thy soul, nor chafe when that loved hand restrains.

Then rest thee in thy low estate, seek nought
Too high, nor things thy God withholds from thee;
Lie meekly at His feet, thy highest thought
To be like Jesus in humility.
And know, if thou on earth His cross dost bear,
In heaven thou shalt His crown of glory share.




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