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Into All The World: Update from Venezuela

Noel & Anne McKeown

Last month, after the visit to Zaraza, when the new hall was inaugurated with ministry and gospel meetings, we went south for just over two weeks.  The first we were in Ciudad Bolívar visiting the four assemblies in the area with ministry of the Word.  Though it was not planned, our brother Julio Figuera arrived so we decided to share the meetings. The brethren extended the time to one and a half hours each night, and the Christians went from hall to hall as the normal meetings had been cancelled; that way we each continued our subject from place to place with a large crowd each evening.  After past difficulties it is good to see the saints striving together for the faith of the gospel.

Then on the Saturday/Sunday, 21st/22nd August we had the meetings for the formation of the assembly in Puerto Ordaz. As in Zaraza the work has been going on for many years in Puerto Ordaz; indeed there was an assembly there for a time, but as most lived in the neighbouring San Félix the assembly moved to there. That assembly has grown considerably and works very hard. A few continued living in Puerto Ordaz and working together the work has been growing steadily. The local church was formed with 27 in fellowship. Our brother Nehemías Sequera, commended over 19 years ago, has worked hard; we, with others, have visited from time to time to lend a hand. Nehemías had very well attended gospel meetings before the planting of the assembly, and with Julio we continued in ministry the week afterwards. It turned out that there were so many unsaved we had to preach more than minister the Word.

We are presently in the second week of gospel meetings here in the mountains of Sucre State at a town called San Pedrito. The saints living there are continually requesting meetings and we often feel guilty for not going more often. As the Santa Fe and Los Altos Christians are helping, the attendance is very good; each day quite a group go early to evangelize and invite the people. Pentecostals have long been a negative influence. The Saturday Bible class, carried on by saints from Los Altos, has long been a good influence. Sra María, a "young" grandmother, long friendly but opposed and almost never attending, was recently reached by grace. Each night two or three of her grown children are present; they are ex Bible class pupils.

On Thursday, 2nd September our dear brother Allan Turkington had a nasty fall from the roof of the Gospel Hall in the city of Barinas. Surgeons operated and God mercifully spared our brother. He has been making a steady and not so slow recovery. Owing to a fracture and a small piece of missing bone at the back his head he will need further surgery to put in a protective plate. The doctors want to wait probably about six months before doing this, if the Lord will. It is an exceedingly difficult time for his wife Sandra and seven children, not to mention his mother Ruthie and other family members. We know many are praying and ask you to pray on. The assembly in Betania, Barinas City was formed on Lord’s Day, 5th September, for which we thank God.


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