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Mary at the Tomb

A Soutar

She had thought He was the gardener, but when the good Shepherd called His sheep by name the scales quickly fell from her eyes. She knew Him. She worshipped Him. She said, "Rabboni". Her heart overflowed with joy as the truth of His resurrection flashed in upon her. Only one word, "Rabboni", but what volumes of meaning it contained; what stores of fragments it enshrined.

Let us remember that the quality of our worship is not dependent on the multitude of our words. Indeed, by our much speaking we may easily lower the tone of our worship. Let us learn also from Mary's example how precious to the Lord is the overflow of an adoring heart. We may worship tremblingly and with flattering lips. We may have but five words to offer. But who can fathom its deepest significance? When gathered in the assembly let the brethren not withhold the spoken fruit of their lips. How our gathering can be impoverished by withholding! How we may fail to draw near!



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