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"Go ye into all the World" (Mk 16.15)

J D Alrich

In the terse language characteristic of his whole Gospel, Mark gives us the commission of Christ to His disciples. The words sound like the ringing commands of a general as he sets his armies in motion on the day of battle. "Go ye!", is the order that sends out a handful of men to face the opposition of a world of sinners backed by the hosts of the Prince of Darkness. It is to be a battle to the finish with no quarter given or asked; one side or the other must go down in eternal defeat.

After almost two thousand years of warfare we now look back to those first days of conflict. Of all the heroic figures which loom up out of the past none excels and few equal that of the Apostle Paul, whose life we would do well to study. His tireless energy and unflagging zeal in the service of His Lord fill us with wonder and admiration. The far reaching effects of that life are still felt. It changed the destinies of nations and shaped the course of history as few have ever done.

As we contemplate again what one little man, afflicted as he was, could do in the power of God we are moved with wonder. Oh that we might be inspired by his example to take our place in the battle which still rages and to serve the Captain of our salvation with all that is in us. We may not be privileged to do exploits such as he did; but the joy and reward of our service is based upon our faithfulness and not upon our prominence. Have we ever heard that voice in our souls saying, "Go ye!"? It may have been only to bring the gospel to one sinner, or to help and comfort a single saint. Yet it was the command of the Saviour, Have we obeyed?



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