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Isle of Lewis

A group of Faroese brethren led by Svenning Av Lofti and Zacharias Zachariassen came to Stornoway on their boat Juvell II from 11th-19th May and conducted a series of gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall, Bayhead. During the week 1,500 tracts and invitations to the meetings were distributed into local homes where the brethren had a warm reception in most cases, being invited into some for conversation and prayer. On Saturday afternoon an open-air meeting was held in the town centre. Svenning and Zacharias also took part in three radio interviews where they were able to testify and preach the gospel. The numbers attending the meetings increased each night - on the final Sunday night the Hall was filled to capacity, extra chairs having to be borrowed from a neighbour! A good number of unsaved people attended during the week, and on the final night some left the Hall in tears after Svenning preached on the soon expected return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Lieutenant of the Isles visited the Faroese on board their boat to extend a welcome to the Island, and also attended the meeting on the Sunday night. One young boy, the grandson of a sister in the assembly professed faith in Christ. As the Faroese brethren set off on their homeward voyage, a crowd gathered at the harbour and sang hymns on the pier and on the boat. The Juvell II is a converted Danish Coastguard vessel owned by Faroese brethren who use it to visit northern islands with the gospel. They are bound for Greenland in July and August. Pray that their voyages will bring more gospel blessings in Stornoway recently and farther north this summer.


Over several years Tom Dempsey and Robert Revie have helped to man the van which Tom Jenkinson has provided for distributing leaflets at around 10 agricultural shows in south-west Scotland. They have been saddened to discover many farmers in this area are quite godless, with little or no interest in divine things. However because of the severe weather and the many problems farmers have faced recently, they have discerned a slight softening of attitudes. This year with the 200th anniversary of David Livingstone's birth, leaflets about his lasting legacy have been distributed. It has been sad to learn how many adults and children have never heard of this great man. However one of the local MPs who had a stall came to the van and said he was related to David Livingstone. He had visited Malawi to see where he had served and that gave an excellent opportunity to speak about the gospel. At the shows bags are given to children containing a Bible story colouring book, crayons, an illustrated text, leaflet etc. Gospel texts are printed on both sides of these bags, so they are well displayed all around. Some excellent discussions have been held with stall holders and only eternity will reveal the effect of the seed sown. Prayer is valued for the five shows to be attended in August.

N. Ireland & Eire


Bushmills: Open air meetings in association with Bible Readings were very well attended at the Amphitheatre, Portrush.

Whitehouse Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings in Whitehouse Primary School (kindly granted) with W Martin and S Gilfillan concluded on 5th July. There was excellent sustained interest with many hearing the gospel. A very satisfactory effort.


Martray: The Annual Conference for believers was held on Saturday, 8th June. A substantial number of Christians heard ministry by W J Nesbitt, B Glendinning, G Woods, T Wright, N Fleck and S McBride.


Lurgan Gospel Hall: The assembly had a series of 5 Friday night meetings with D Gilliland on the subject "An Overview of Christian History". The meetings were instructive, illuminating and challenging. They were very well attended and much appreciated.

Lurgan Conference: An atmosphere of the Lord's presence prevailed throughout all the gatherings of the weekend. Those responsible for Bible Readings were J Hay, D Gilliland and T Wilson. The meetings were considered profitable and well attended. (J Allen was expected to take part in the Bible Readings but, unfortunately, his health prevented him from attending. We trust he keeps better.)


Ballylintagh: R Plant was with the assembly for five nights of children's meetings in the Gospel Hall. Robert, in his own inimitable style, fully engaged with the young people, and taught the Scriptures in a manner they could understand. Over one hundred attended on the closing night, including adults from the locality who had never been in the hall prior to these meetings.

Portstewart: The open air drive-in meetings for July and August commenced on 2nd July. R Plant had children's meetings from 8th-12 July in the Gospel Hall.


Bridgetown: G Stewart and G Woods, with the assembly, had two weeks of very encouraging gospel meetings in the local town of Ballyshannon. No one can remember the gospel ever being preached in the town before. Three Catholic people attended as did a number of others from the town. Visitation was very encouraging as was the support of other assemblies. D McAllister and R McKeown intend (DV) to commence gospel meetings in the hall on 7th August. Prayer requested.


Ballykeel (Mourne): The assembly was greatly encouraged with a good attendance at their annual conference on 27th June. Profitable ministry was given by brethren Robin McKeown, Walter Boyd, Brian Glendinning, Brian Currie, and Jackie Palmer.

Rostrevor: The gospel meetings conducted by K Newell and R Shannon from the Kilkeel Assembly in a former convent in Rostrevor, have concluded with a very pleasing response from local people.

Ballinamallard Gospel Hall: D McGarvey preached the gospel faithfully for 3 weeks during June. In response to invitations (with enclosed tracts) given out beforehand, and David's visitations, it was encouraging to have a number of unsaved people in the Hall, some for the first time. Blessing in salvation was experienced.

England & Wales

Over the last twelve months the assembly at Bromborough has included the following activities in their local outreach.

     • The Lancashire Gospel Tent in June, 2012 with Ian Jackson and Graeme Paterson: excellent support from local believers, unsaved people in the meetings every night, one man brought from some distance professed salvation.

     • Nine local schools visited 4 or 5 times to conduct assemblies: Bibles given out each year to all Year 5 pupils.

     • February Children's Meetings conducted by Gary Woods: consistent attendance, good behaviour and interest by the children, some continued to attend the weekly Sunday Special.

     • Bromborough Bible Exhibition: regular visitation to 20 schools with the Exhibition, as well as to a number of Halls - the visit to Rhos-on-Sea for three days had over 150 visitors; a return visit is planned for summer, 2013.

     • An outreach effort in May, 2013: Bible Exhibition set up, gospel meetings in the Hall and in the local community centre, school visits, tracting, and a Family Gospel Tea - Gary Woods helped in this work. The meetings in the Civic Centre were most encouraging with good numbers of unsaved people and some new contacts. One man, formerly in fellowship, has been attending the meetings. Further use of this venue is planned.

In addition to this there is a programme of consecutive Bible teaching with local brethren and visiting speakers at the monthly Saturday night ministry meetings, September to March, and a monthly Bible Class on Sunday evenings supported by believers from the local area. In many assemblies declining numbers and advancing years might restrict the work that can be done for the Lord, but much is still possible. The support and active involvement of the older members of the assembly at Bromborough have enabled these activities to take place. The need to sow the seed continues, the need for prayer is vital, and the support of fellow believers in all this is appreciated.


Phil Coulson was in Wallingford in May for a few days of ministry following the conference. His subjects were taken from the book of Acts.


10,000 specially printed gospel tracts were handed out at Buckingham Palace during the "Trooping of the Colour" ceremony in June. Up to a dozen believers helped in this exercise in the gospel.


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