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Poetry: His Jewels

@Exodus 28

See, on Aaron's vestment
Sparkling gems appear,
Sweet their heavenly message
For the listening ear.

Great High Priest is Jesus,
Who for sins once died;
Now for us in heaven
He is occupied.

Names of His redeemed ones,
Set in bright array,
There in fulgent glory,
Doth He now display.

His own hand engraved them,
Hand of strength and grace,
Names from such firm setting
Who can e'er efface?

Borne upon His shoulders,
Bound upon His breast,
Power divine sustains them,
Quenchless love their rest.

In Jehovah's presence -
Scene of dazzling light -
They in wondrous beauty
Shine unfading bright.

His pure light reflecting,
Each in varied hue
Manifests Christ's glory
To the Father's view.

Frail one, look thou upwards!
Fainting one, take heart!
Saints and their Redeemer
None shall ever part.

-A G C


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