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Thanks to the Editor

W Stevely

Under the Editorial of the January, 1999 edition of this magazine there was a brief note. It explained that the date marked the start of a new phase for the Believer's Magazine. Since its foundation in 1891 there had been only six changes of Editor. January, 1999 was the first edition of which John Grant was the Editor.

It was not John's first input to the magazine, but this marked the start of a long period during which he has carried full responsibility. Already well known and respected for his teaching and preaching across the UK and beyond, he has fully maintained the high standard of his predecessors. At the end of that year John wrote: "We trust that readers will continue to find the Believer's Magazine edifying, instructive and informative as well as promoting interest in the work of the gospel". As Editor he has fulfilled his "mission statement"!

For the Editor, in addition to securing contributions from a range of writers, not always an easy task, there is the added issue of the monthly blank sheet of paper (perhaps blank computer screen would be more accurate in 2015) that has to become the latest Editorial. These have been invariably marked by "grace seasoned with salt".

The December, 1999 Editorial summed up, in its title, John's oversight of the Magazine over the last seventeen years. It read: "They have refreshed my spirit".

As a new Editor takes up the challenge we do thank John for his faithful stewardship.

W Stevely (Chairman of the Directors)


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