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Poetry: A Pilgrim

A Borland

I’m but a pilgrim here below,
As through the hostile world I go,
A pilgrim on the road.
But One has gone the way before,
Example to the millions more
Who travel home to God.

Make me contented with my lot,
And may it never be forgot
That Thou art ever near
To catch my wistful, anxious glance.
Whatever be my circumstance
I have no need to fear.

Increase my faith from hour to hour,
And let me feel Thy saving power
From passions yet within.
Assure me as I upward go,
That in the conflict I may know
That victory I’ll win.

Enliven hope that I may see
The glories that are yet to be
When thou wilt come again.
With thee the pilgrim hosts will dwell;
But who in human words can tell
The bliss with Thee to reign?


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